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What are the three types of speed training?

Hollow Sprints
Acceleration Sprints
Interval Training


Who would perform speed training?

Hollow: football, basketball, hockey
Acceleration: 100m sprinter, long jumper
Interval: any sports


What are the advantages of speed training?

Can be adapted to suit different sport performers.
Can be easily carried out with little or no equipment.


What are the disadvantages of speed training?

Can push yourself too hard and risk injury due to high intensity.
It can become boring and tedious.


What is hollow sprints?

Series of sprint followed by a 'hollow' period of jogging or walking.


What is acceleration sprints?

Pace is gradually increased from standing or rolling start to jogging, to striding then to maximum sprint.


What is interval training?

Working period followed by a resting period. Should be at a high intensity.