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What is the base typically used to make Spiced Rum?

Golden Rum that have been sweetened 


How are flavored vodkas traditionally flavored?

Flavored vodkas are tradtionally flavored using honey, fruits, and spices added using maceration. 

Bison grass is one of the best know aromatic herds used to flavor vodka.


What is the only botanical that is legally required to be present in Gin?



What are some examples of aniseed flavored spirits and where do they come from?

  • Pastis and absinthe from France
  • Ouzo from Greece
  • Raki from Turkea

All are unaged


What process is traditionally used in spirits service and results in an opaque, cloudy suspension?



What is one of the most well know aniseed drinks in which a producer must use liquorice in addition to aniseed, fennel and star anise?


It is normally yellow, green, or green-brown; this drink must be sweetened.


What spirit was banned for decades in the late nineteenth century?



It is noted for being bottled as a very high abv but when consumed as intended, it should be diluted to a strength similar to a glass of wine.


What are bitters?

Bitters are a neutral spirit with an obvious bitter taste from botanicals. They are flavored with aromatic botanicals and sugar to balance the bitter flavors. 


Describe liqueurs.

Liqueurs are flavored spirits that have been sweetened. Artificial colors are used as they are often vivid colors. They have a lower abv compared to other spirits.


When using natural flavors to create spiced rums, why is the process of maceration used?

Maceration is used because redistillation would damage the aged rum and remove color.


What are the commonly used botanicals found in gin?

  • coriander seeds
  • citrus peel
  • angelica root
  • orris root


In the EU, gins must be made from what?

Neutral spirits


Once flavored, where are most gins stored?

Inert vessels


There is a trend to mature gins in oak giving them a pale yellow color and some flavor from the barrel.


What are the three ways to add botanical flavors to neutral spirits using redistillation?

  1. Neutral spirits are diluted and added to pot still with the botanicals to macerate.
  2. Botanicals are put in a basket in a tube that connects to the still to the condenser. This creates a much lighter style of gin.
  3. Distill some of the botanicals individually  to create a much more pure flavor. 


What chemical is extracted from a few plants to give aniseed flavored spirits their distinct flavor and where is this chemical found?


It is found in aniseed, fennel and star anise.


How does absinthe production differ from pastis?

  1. Absinthe is not sweetened, it is sweetened by the consumer to taste.
  2. It should be made using wormwood which has a floral aroma and bitter taste.


What are the three categories of bitters?

  1. Aperitif - these are brightly colored and balanced sweeteness with bitterness
  2. Digestif - They have a pronounced bitter taste and intense flavor, they are an aid to digestion
  3. Cocktail - high strength,highly concentrated and intense, intended to be used in cocktails


What is the difference between the EU and the USA with regards to the term distilled gin on a label?

In the EU it means that flavors may have been added after redistillation, and in the USA all flavors must come from redistillation.


What style of gin can only get its flavors by redistillation with no sugar added?

London Dry Gin or Dry Gin


What does Old Tom on a label refer to?

It usually indicates that sugar has been added.


What was the first brand of cream liqueur?

Baileys, launched in 1974