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What is vodka made from?

Vodka can be made from just about anything, typically made from grains or potatoes.




What grains are most widely used to make vodka?

  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Rye




In what country are potatoes used to make vodka?

Potatoes are traditionally used in Poland to make vodka.



What type of still must be used to make vodka?

Column still must be used as it is the only still able to produce spirits at least 95 or 96% abv - typically a continuous process.


What methods are used to improve the purity and texture of a vodka?

  • Pass it through activated charcoal (to remove undesirable congeners)
  • Use additives to create required texture



What abv is most vodka sold at?

40% abv


What are the two major styles of Vodka?

  • Neutral (lightest possible flavor, smooth, dry and light on palate)
  • Characterful (retain some ingredient flavor - have a more mouth-filling texture) 


What raw material is increasingly being used to add a point of interest in vodka production?



In what case might a producer use a pot still during vodka production?

A producer may use a pot till to make a low wine first or they may use a pot still when a producer starts with a neutral spirit and water.

The pot still that is used would be a hybrid still.


Why is it important to use high quality water during dilution when making vodka?

60% of the liquid in the finished product is water and can affect the aromas and textures of a vodka.


Why is Vodka one of the best selling spirts?

Because of its neutrality, it is easily mixed with many different flavors.


What are used to convert starches into sugars when fermenting grains, such as Barley?

Enzymes from malted barley or commercially prepared enzymes are used for sugar conversion.


A neutral vodka should be...

  • smooth
  • light
  • dry on the palate


A charaterful vodka will display...

  • more flavor
  • mouthfilling texture


Flavors will remian light and should be described as neutral, but will add a subtle difference to the vodka.


If the flavor in a vodka cannot be descrbed as neutral, when in most cases would that flavor have been added?

After distillation


Which countries are often associated with Premium Vodka?

Eastern Europe and Scandanavian Countries

  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Finland
  • Sweden


What is a rectification distillation?

When a distiller buys a neutral spirit, adds water and re-distills the mixture in their facility - often in a pot still linked to a rectifying column.

The affect is a smoothing of the texture on the neutral spirit.

(Tito's and many other large brands are produced in this manner)


What might a distiller do to imporove the purity and texture of their vodka?

Pass through an activated charcoal filter.