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What are the two types of spirit companies?

  1. Those who start with raw materials and ferment, distill and mature the spirit that goes into their brands
  2. , Those who start with distilled spirits


Distillers might buy in spirit because...

  1. It is not economically feasible to make all the spirit to meet their sales demand
  2. If they are making a flavored spirit they will start with a base spirit instead of raw materials
  3. They only buy in spirit to sell under their brand name


What are the two reasons that large global companies have been able to dominate the world of spirits?

  1. Spirits can be made in large quantities and still retain high quality
  2. Spirits are very profitable, making it easy for companies to invest in marketing and promotion once they reach a certain size


What are craft companies?

Craft companies are producers who are small and hands on in production.


What are craft distillers?

Term used to describe new distilleries emerging, especially in USA, who aim to challenge the large global companies by selling innovative products with a local provenance in their domestic markets.


What are defining spirits categories?

Fundamental points that set different types of spirits apart from each other.


What are the WHO low-risk responsible drinking guidlines?

Where one unit is equal to 12 mL pure ethanol, or 1 US fl. oz. of 40% abv spirit;

  • Women should not drink more than two units a day on average
  • Men should not drink more than three units a day on average
  • Abstain from drinking at least once a week
  • Try not to exceed four units on any one occasion
  • Don't drink alcohol if driving, pregnant or under certain work situations


What are some aspects of social reponsibilities that producers should be aware of?

  • Distillery health and safety
  • Community relations
  • Environmental impact
  • Safe consumption


What are some examples of detailed local laws?

  • Straight Bourbon can only come from the U.S. containing at least 51% corn and aged for two years in oak barrels
  • Tequila can only be made from the blue agave plant
  • Single Malt Scotch Whisky must come from Scotland using malted barley


Why might a spirits company produce variations of a brand?

To appeal to a loyal customers, and add interst and options to the brand.


Name the top five Spirits companies, globally...

  1. Bacardi
  2. Beam-Suntory
  3. Brown-Forman
  4. Diageo
  5. Pernod-Ricard


What two things should labelling be?

  1. Clear
  2. Verifiable


What must Whiskey be made from?



Does not matter what types of Whiskey is in question - all whiskey is made from base ingredient of grains.


How long must Scotch Whisky be matured in oak barrels?

3 years


How long must Straight Bourbon be aged?

Straight = 2 years


What does "XO" on a Cognac bottle mean?

On a Rum bottle?

Cognac = 10 years of aging

Rum = means nothing