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When must you arrive to the aircraft?

CRJ 200 = 30 min
CRJ 7/9= 35 min


What are the required PIlot Documents for flight?

- pilot cert
- medical
-corrective lenses (spare for international)
-ID badge
-FCC Permit (one and only for international)
- Valid Passport (International only)
- flashlight
-EFB case
-Jepp manual, FOM and SOPM ( on EFB)


SIC with less than 100 hours of flight time are limited in what ways?

- at or less than 3/4 miles
-At or less than 4000 ft RVR
-Runway is contaminated
-Braking is less than good, anything other than RCC of 6
-Crosswind greater than 15kts
-Windshear reported in vicinity
- PIC discretion


Max x wind for FO is?

20 kts


Can we fly green on green?

No, less than 75 hours of both pilots


High minimums captain, less than 100 hours pic must do what?

Add 100 ft and one half mile to approaches
- For an alternate, the lowest is 300 ft and 1sm or if the approach min are higher


If lost or misplaced documents what should you do? such as a badge.

Refer to FOM (Flight Crew Requirements)


what is the joint responsibility for PIC and Dispatcher?

The PIC and dispatcher are jointly responsible for the preflight planning, delay and dispatch release of a flight in compliance with this manual and ops specs


Visibility is low.... 6/6/6 what two aspects are we worried about?

Talkeoff alternate is required if visibility is below the lowest approach minimums at that airport that is usable. Do we have the takeoff light requirements to depart legally?


What determines the takeoff alternate?

The alternate is 1 hour from the departure airport at normal cruise speed in still air with one engine inop


Alternate requirements are ?

1, 2, 3 rule 3 sm and 2000 ft, 1 hour before or after ETA. A second alternate must be added if conditions are marginal at destination and first alternate. Marginal weather is the exact visibility at dest. and visibility/ceiling at first alternate.


Exemption 3585 explain.

-Domestic use only
- TEMPO or prob is conditional
- NA for High min captain


Can you depart and land without wind?



without Vis?



Without a sky cond?

Yes, unless required by sid, dp or approach


without temperature?

Yes, use NWS REAL time mesoscale analysis


without altimeter?

No (unless approach plate lists alternate altimeter setting)


When should the PIC notify the dispatcher?

Estimated time of arrival exceeds 15 min
- cruise alt varies by 4,000ft
- Airplane exceeds 100 miles off flight plan route


When refueling what must be done?

MCD remains open or ensure another communication method is established


Dispatch release requirements are?

- Departure and other stops
_ Weather
- ID number
-Trip number/ flight numner


What must be done before blocking out?

Create manual or acars manifest


What does the PIC signature on the manual load manifest or ACARS load report indicate?

the point of dispatch and agreement with a valid dispatch release


Reasons to amend a release?

-PIC or dispatcher discretion
- a change in the aircraft
-two hour or more delay
-flight is unable to depart with previous release
-flight returns to the same airport
-flight departs after making an unscheduled landing


Jumpseat priority is as follows...

-Secret service
-FAA inspector (must have form 110A, the badge and Form 8430-13 filled out at gate)
- NTSB (Form 1660.2)
- DOD (110B and gov id)
-IOSA flight check personel
-heads of company
-flight check airmen, checking flight
-SkyWest pilot ( company id, certificate, medical and jumpseat access)
-expressjet pilot
-delta/delta conn. or united/united exp.


Who can jumpseat internationally?

-FAA aviation safety inspector
- DOD air carrier evaluator who is checking or observing flight ops
- SkyWest checkairmen perfomring duties ( must be listed as observer)


Do we have to know where leos sit?

Yes, where anybody with a gun sits. LEO, FAM or FFDO


EFB requirements are?

Must have 80% at start and CRJ 2 = 2700 per hour
CRJ 7 = 3600
CRJ 9= 4000


When must you use mask for flight deck?

above FL250 and crewmember leaves flight deck


Altimeter tolerance is?

75 ft of FE and 100 ft of eachothor. RVSM requires 75ft of eachother. In flight no more than 200 ft difference in flight for RVSM


When must cold temp corrections be used?

Any airport with temps less than -30C or if cold temp airport it will tell you what altitudes and at what temp to apply. Inform ATC


SMGCS goes into effect when?

1200 RVR


Minimum length for operation is?

5,400 ft, can be reduced to 5000 (200) or 5200 (700) SAAT 3


Wake turbulence separation from heavy is?

5 NM or min


Tripped circuit breaker can be reset when?

only in flight and if pilot deems it necessary for safety of flight. 1 attempt only


When must a full aircraft search be performed?

-Returned to service from maint.
- unauthorized access
- aircraft unattended or unsecured
- deadly item is discovered
- security seal is missing or has been tampered with or doesn't match
- mexico and Bahamas operations in and out


What about Canada?

Visual inspection only


Who seals door on RON?

Customer service agent seals MCD, galley door and cargo comp. if left unattended


What to do if a seal is missing?

If attended then replace and mark in log and if unattended visually inspect, call GSC or maintenance to determine why it might be.


If the EFB has a small hairline crack but operates just fine is it airworthy?

No, must have no cracks.


When do the Jepp charts need to be updated?

Whenever update status is outside the green. Could be current with updates available.


How often must company manuals be updated?

Within 4 days


Can you use AC receptacle to recharge battery on CRJ?

No prohibited.


When must you put EFB in airplane mode?

All flight operations, cell must be turned off as well.


Can the airplane be dispatched without one EFB securing device?

Yes, as long as the PF uses the securing device that is available, PM must stow securing device and also have charts printed out through SWOL for the route they are expected to fly.


What do you do if EFB breaks on trip?

Call help desk, try to get replacement, Must get paper charts. Mod must authorize dispatch. Then request replacement


What if one EFB Breaks in flight? what if both do?

If one - PF uses operating EFB.
If two - Run QRC, notify dispatch. If flight continues in IMC think about declaring an emergency with ATC


How do you provide feedback about EFB?

IT on SWOL is a feedback request.