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What is the criteria for a stabilized approach?

By 1000 ft HAT
-Aircraft must be aligned with the centerline.
-Aircraft must be established on final approach course
(For VMC cirle-to-land maneuver, must be aligned by 500 ft)

For visual or VFR approach
- Aircraft within 5 degrees of centerline
- heading within 30 degrees

-Proper sink rate for glide path
-No more than 1000 ft per min descent unless operational limitations (tw, > 3 degree gp, abnormal AC config.
-Airspeed = Vref -0 + 10
-Thrust lever above idle.

-Minor fluctuations prior to 500, state correcting.


What are we looking for in the tires before we contact maintenance?

- The tire is worn to the bottom grove in the tread to a maximum of 1/8 circumference of the tire
- Cord (ply) is exposed max of 1/8 circ. and the cord is exposed to a maximum of 1 inch wide at the fastest wear location
- undertread is showing
- cracking, embedded objects, skids, cuts, cracks, bulges, blisters, or separation extending to or beyond the cord