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When will a turn be commenced if the field is IFR?

At 1000 ft AFE, unless a special departure procedure or instrument departure prescribes otherwise.


Describe standard special

IMC - Climb to 1000 ft then turn to heading or navaid. request radar vectors after 1000ft
VMC- Climb to 1000 then return to land visually or comply with IMC procedure


What is a simple special procedure?

Turn that occurs before 1000ft AFE. Required if IMC until 3000 ft if radar vectors aren't available and required to 1000 ft if VMC


What is a complex special procedure?

Specific procedure depicted for example SLC for specific departures


Describe Method 1.

Will clear all obstacles 5sm on either side and by 1,000 ft until reaching destination. Must have a 1,500 net gradient above destination airport


Describe Method 2.

Will clear all obstacles by 5sm on either side and 2,000 ft until reaching diversion airport. positive net gradient of 1,500 ft above diversion airport. Continue to diversion airport abeam flight path.