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Describe food allergy

Food allergy develops over time, involves the immune system, accounts for less than 10% of overall allergies, microscopic amount of offending agent can provoke an allergic reaction


Describe food intolerance

Immediate reaction involving the GI tract. It is more prevalent than food allergies. Small amounts of food may be tolerated


What is the epidemiology

Most commonly cats or dogs. Other species tend to have atopic allergies


What is a food allergy

Negative immune response that occurs soon after consuming a certain type of food.


Describe the etiology of food allergies

Adverse reactions which are caused by large protein molecules which are seen as foreign antigens by the body. Trigger the immune system to attack resulting in an inflammatory response


What type of hypersensitivity is food allergies

IGE mediated type one hypersensitivity.


What are five common ingredients that trigger food allergies in dogs

Beef, chicken, wheat, soy, dairy


What are five ingredients that trigger allergic reactions in cats

Fish, chicken, wheat, soy, dairy


What are the chief complaints with food allergies in dogs

Erythema, alopecia, pruritis around muzzle, scratching of ears, headshaking, redness, waxy discharge, licking paws, infections


What are the chief complaints with food allergies in cats

Erythema, pruritis, otitis, alopecia, bacterial infections


How do you diagnose food allergies

Ruleout all other allergies or ectoparasites, do allergy testing, perform an elimination diet


Describe a novel protein diet

Introducing less common ingredients that the animal has never been exposed to before. Involves a single protein and carbohydrate source


Describe a hydrolyzed protein diet

Proteins are broken down into smaller molecules that do not trigger or excite the immune system


What are four important rules to remember with elimination diets

Feed only specialty diet for three months, do not give edible chew toys, treats have to be based on same ingredients as the diet. After 3 months give the original diet to see if the symptoms reoccur