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What are the three components in the Cycle of Transmission?

Food Handler, Environment and Food


What does it mean to be a carrier and what are the symptoms?

A carrier means that one could be carrying pathogens in or on one's body. A carrier may not be displaying ANY symptoms of illness


What should you do to prevent the spread of foodborne illness and gastrointestinal disease?

Frequent and porper hand washing


When should you wash your hands?

Always wash your hands before you begin handling food and after eating, smoking, sneezing, coughing, blowing your nose, using the toilet, touching your hair or face, handling garbage or handling money. WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY AFTER CONTACT WITH ANY POSSIBLE CONTAMINANT


What are the steps for proper hand washing?

1. Wet hands with warm water
2. Apply liquid soap and lather for at least 20-30 seconds
3. Scrub backs of hands, wrists, between all fingers and under nails
4. Rinse under runninng water, hands pointing down towards the drain
5. Dry with a paper towel
6. Turn off tabs and open bathroom door using the paper towel


What should you do before putting on disposable gloves?

You should wash your hands thoroughly and change the gloves often


Never use what kind of gloves and why?

Never use latex glvoes because latex is a common allergen and can cause severe allergic reactions


When should alcohol-based hand gels be used?

Alcohol-based hand gels may be used as an alternative to hand washing ONLY by health care personnel working in a helathy care setting. These products are NOT a suitable alternative to hand washing for food handlers in a food service premises


What should you put on before start working?

You should change from street clothes to clean work clothes and footwear before starting work


How often should you change your apron?

As often as necessary.


When should you remove your apron?

Always remove your apron before going to the washroom.


When drying your hands, what should you NOT use?

Do not use your apron to dry your hands.


If you are not bald, what should you do with your hair?

Restrain your hair with a hat, hairnet, b or hair elastic.


What types of activities should you NOT engage in when you are handling/working with food?

Avoid smoking, eating, or engaging in other activities that put your hands in contact with your mouth.


How do you properly taste food?

Use a single-use utensil or use a new-clean utensil for each tasting