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What are some possible ways that foods may be contaminated in self-service situations?

Food may be contaminated because of issues with time and temperature and through customer contact with the food


What are some methods to reduce the risk in self-service situations?

1. Ensure that food is placed into the self-service or display units only after BOTH the food AND the unit have been pre-heated or pre-chilled to a safe temperature
2. Use clean service utensils for each dish and make sure the handles don't touch the food (they're long enough)
3. Post signs reminding guests not to mix service utensils between dishes
4. Use sneeze guards
5. Remind guests to use a clean, fresh plate when returning to the self-service line
6. Never add fresh food to food that has been sitting in the buffet table--food that has been on a self-service table must not be re-used
7. Children should be supervised by an adult when at the self-service line
8. Limited amount of displayed food to what can be used within two hours


What should you use to touch and serve food?

You should use tongs to touch and serve food; the handles of the tongs should never come into contact with the food


What should you use to scoop ice?

Use proper scoops for ice--never use glassware to scoop ice; don't store the scoop in the ice


Where should you store the ice cream scoops?

You should store ice cream scoops in containers with cold running water, or, if used infrequently, wash after each use


How should you carry the plates and food?

You should carry them on a tray; avoid touching surfaces that may touch food or a person's mouth


What should you deal with food that has been served but not eaten?

Food that has been served but not eaten must be discarded


What should you use to clean tables between uses?

Use a clean, damp cloth or paper towel and a spray sanitizer to clean tables between uses


What should be done betwen each setting?

● Table linens should be changed betwen each setting, and tables must be cleared completely after each use
● The entire setting must be removed even if a guest did not use them


How should you set the table?

● Glasses and cups should be inverted on clean placements or saucers to reduce the risk of contamination
● Handle glasses by their base and cutlery by the handle when setting tables
● If leaving tables set, cutlery should be wrapped to reduce the risk of contamination from dust and dirt


What are some single service items and what should you do after they've been used?

Single service items such as straws, paper cups, plastic cutlery or plastic/paper plates must be used only once and then discarded. NO EXPECTIONS!


What should you do when customers take home leftover food?

You should inform them, verbally and/or in writing, that the food should be consumed or refrigerated within two hours; if reheating, reheat to 74 degree before eating


What condition should food for catering and delivery be?

● Food that is being transported off premises must be covered and protected from contamination; the food must leave the premises and arrive at its destination at a safe temperature
● Hot foods must be transported so the food is maintained at or above 60 degree
● Refrigerated foods must be transported so the food is maintained at or below 4 degree