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where did Warbeck first launch his challenege to Henry?

in Cork, Ireland, 1491


when else did Warbeck turn to ireland?

in 1495 and again in 1497 each time hoping to gain enough military support to fight Henry


did Kildare support Warbeck like he previously had with Simnel>

no, after his earlier escape, he was relluctant to get involved - neither helping nor stopping Warbeck.


what did the lack of support from Kildare cause Warbeck to do?

he was unable to raise enough troops and military support and therefore was forced to leave Ireland rapidly on each occassion without an invasion.


how did Henry deal with the potential threat from Ireland this time?

he took it very seriously and realised that Kildare could no longer be trusted - he sent a small force to deal with Warbeck in 1492 but he promptly fled. Henry removed Kildare from his post.


what was the problem with removing Kildare as Lord deputy?

- he was too powerful and his replacement was unable to control Ireland as Kildare had.


what did Henry do after fearing the replacement deputy wouldn't be able to suppress another attempted invasion from Warbeck?

- sent a English Royal authority there Sir Edward Poynings
- his first job was to repel another attack from Warbeck
in 1945 which he dealt with well.


how did Poynings assert authority and control over Ireland?

he ordered the arrest of Kildare on suspicion of treason - Kildare was sent to England and imprisoned until 1496.


support from Burgundy?

helped shelter rebels and keep them safe. - for example when Warbeck was forced out of France she provided him with protection from 1493 -95.


how did Margaret improve Warbecks Challenge

by introducing him to foreign allies such as Maximilian and the holy Roman Emperor.


what did Margaret's persistent support for Yorkist claimants cause?

forced Henry to radical action.
- including placing a trade embargo (despite it damaging England's financial and trading ) this meant that there was on trade between burgundy and England.


how did Margaret react to the Trade embargo ?

-Phillip retaliated by placing his own embargo on on English goods.


what was signed that ended the trading embargo's?

1496 treaty "Intercursus Magnus"


why would a war between france and England be good for Henry?

because it would distract the nobility and unite them against a common enemy


what alliance did Henry have to consider?

the alliance between Scotland and France known as the Auld Alliance - this was because when dealing with pretenders who sought support from either of these countries Henry had to consider the dual threat posed by Scotland and France.


why would an invasion from France to England be relatively easy

because of the proximity between the two countries.


when did French and English relations deteriorate rapidly? What did this cause Henry to do?

1485 - 1492 - Henry was forced into the only foreign campaign of his reign.


how did Henry deal with the threat from France?

- henry wanted to inconvenience charles and make him rethink his support for Warbeck
- he invaded in 1492
- as a result of the distraction of War with England Charles immediately had to negotiate.


what was the result of the negotiations ?

the treaty of Etaples 1492 - which caused charles to agree to not harbouring Henry's enemies (meaning Warbeck was no longer welcome.


what clearly showed the level of threat posed by France?

henry's response to launch an invasion when he was opposed to war himself, and the treat of a dual invasion from Scotland.


why did the near "civil war" benefit Henry 1482 ans 88?

because henry and James III ( KIng of Scotland ) formed a three year truce, and any potential threat from anti-English rebels was neutralised due to them concerned with fighting their own king.


did the truce stop the new king of Scotland James IV from plotting with English enemies?

no, James remained to plot with pretenders in order to control his own country.


when did James IV welcome Warbeck to Scotland?

1495 and told him he could remain their until 1497


whst showed James' commitment to supporting Warbeck?

he set up a marriage between the pretender and one of James' own cousins LAdy Catherine Gordon. - (marriage alliance with spain.


How did parliment help support Henry in the fight against the scots?

they agreed to grant taxation.


why did the Scottish threat continue after 1497?

- Cornwall rebellion in 1497 increased Henry's desire to find a solution to the threat
- by this time James IV had grown tired of supporting Warbeck
- Septemeber 1497 Henry and James agreed a seven year truce and james also agreed to stop all support fro Warbeck.


how was james meant to seal the truce of September 1497?

by marrying Margaret in 1503 ( Henry's sister)
- however in 1497 henry had achieved his aim of neutralising the threat from Scotland.