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who was Lambert Simnel?

Simnel was a pawn in the plan of John de la pole and Francis Lovell, whom had no royal blood but was pretending to be a price in line to the throne, and suggested he was the Earl of Warwick.


what was the problem with choosing to act as the Earl of Warwick?

the Earl of Warwick was locked up in the Tower of London - therefore Henry was able to parade the real earl of Warwick around London for everyone to see. - however this did not stop the rebels from gathering momentum.


where did john de la pole flee to?

Burgundy, where he met Lovell.


how did Margaret of Burgundy help Pole and Lovell?

she provided them with power and money so they could raise troops. she provided them with 2,000 German mercenaries (hired troops to serve in a foreign army.)


who let the troops provided by M of burgundy?

Martian Schwartz who was highly experienced.


what traditional Yorkist power base did John de la Pole and Francis Lovell sail to ?

5th of May Ireland - , where they met with members of the Irish nobility Gerald Fitzgerald (Earl of Kildare) who had sympathies for them.


what key event happened when the rebels went to Ireland?

The Irish and English Yorkists, on the 24th May they crowned Simnel King in Dublin and launched an invasion in England.


what certain noble should of stopped the rebellion? and why was this worrying for Henry?

the Earl of Northumberland - Henry Percy, this worried Henry as Percy was meant to be Henry's first line of defence.


how may of Henry of been Naive during the initial period of the rising?

he trust John de la Pole wasn't involved and he was present at the council in 1487 where the threat of the rising was discussed.


how did Henry deal with the rising?

effectively, he sent troops to guard the coasts

when he gained knowledge of their invasion of Ireland he sent men to go northwards

8th June 1487 Henry arrived at Kenilworth Castle which he adopted as his base. After receiving news of where the rebels had landed he marched north meeting the rebels at stoke in East Nottinghamshire


what occurred at the Battle of Stoke?

16th June 1487 - considered the end of the war of the roses, the rebels weren't as equipped and suffered many losses. john de la Pole and Martian Schwartz were killed, Lovell escaped, and Simnel captured. the battle was fairly one-sided, and in favour of the king.


what repercussions came to Simnel ?

Henry was lenient towards him as he was just a child, he worked for the king in his kitchens.


what suggests that the Simnel rising was serious to Henry?

the mixture of support: Yorkist alliances, foreign support, rival claimants.
support from Ireland was crucial in the rebels sucess
they managed to raise an army funded by Burgundy.
Henry's naivety to trust John de la Pole and let him attend meetings.


how and why was Henry able to overcome the threat?

rebels made a lot of mistake = choosing the Earl of Warwick when Henry could prove it was an imposter.

faithful and loyal subjects to the crown who were unwilling to support a rebellion after years of political unrest.

Henry acted decisively and with immediate force - suppressing the rebellion before real threat occurred.