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who was perkin warbeck?

he was 17 year old who claimed to be Richard Duke of York, the youngest of the two brother who went missing in 1483.


why was Perkin Warbeck's claim realistic?

He was 17, which would of been how old Richard was at that point, the king had no evidence to prove he wasn't unlike with the simnel rebellion.


where did Warbeck first make an appearance

at Cork in Ireland 1491.


why was his reception initially mixed?

the people of Cork were enthusiastic but the Earl of Kildare was reluctant to get involved.


what did perkin warbeck do when the support from ireland failed to materialise?

him and the Earl of desmond wrote to european powers in order to gain support, charles VIII 1482 welcomed Warbeck to his home in France and treated him as if he was a prince. however Henry's prompt actions soon led to Warbeck no longer being welcome in France.


what did Warbeck do after leaving France?

Wrote to Margaret of Burgundy who was keen to help him and even recognised him as her niece, Richard, Duke of York, even though she knew him to be a pretender.


how did Margaret of Burgundy help Warbeck?

she sent agents to infiltrate England and gain support for warbeck, these agents were usually found and put on trial.


what was sir william Stanley's role in the rebellion?

he was Henry's step uncle and the chamberlain of the royal household, he was planning a plot against Henry and he and a man named Sir Robert Clifford, planned for Clifford to go abroad and speak with Warbeck. Clifford informed Henry of Stanley's plan and he was executed a month later.


what happened in July 1495?

he attempted to land in Deal in Kent with a small army of 300 soldiers, when he realized he lacked support from locals he fled leaving the men waiting for him to be hing and executed.


when did Warbeck go after his failure in Kent

moved to Scotland where James IV was pleased to help him against his mortal enemy Henry. he raised an army of 1,400 and tried to invade england but he was unable to gain northern support and retreated.


what legislation caused problems for Henry?

raising taxation 1497 n order to fund an army to defeat Warbeck. this provoked a rebellion in Cornwall and a group 15,000 protested against increased taxation.


where did Warbeck try to go post 1497?

he tried to gain support from Cornwall, he was unable to attract noble or gentry support and fled to taunton where he was finally captured.


what happened to Warbeck when he was captured?

Henry felt as though he was a puppet of more powerful men and he was imprisoned. however he tried to escape and was believed to of been conspiring with the Earl of Warwick. they were both executed.


how did henry overcome the challenge posed to him?

the rebels lacked resources
henry had already defeated Simnel
The Yorkist claim was dying out
Yorkist and Rebellions had died or were locked away
Warbeck failed to sustain foreign support
and failed to gain domestic support.


to what extent did Warbeck pose a threat to Henry?

foreign support
his inability to prove that it wasn't Richard duke of York.
distraction due to rebellion in Cornwall