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why was Ireland a potential problem for any ruler?

- separation from the mainland of England made it geographically remote
- its strategic position made it a good launching pad for invasions


what areas of Ireland were well controlled by the British?

Dublin, and the areas around it known as the pale.


how was Dublin and the pale controlled?

they were controlled by a representative of the English government known as Lord Deputy's


how did England control beyond the pale?

- through relationships with Anglo-Irish nobles.


who are some examples of wealthy Anglo-Irish families?

the Fitzgerald's (Earls of Kildare) - very powerful and ruled their territories almost separately from Britain.


why were the Fitzgerald's vulnerable when Henry 7th seized the throne on 1485?

- they were yorkist supporters


what did Gerald Fitzgerald do in order to maintain political survival?

decided to support Lambert Simnel, this was because if Lambert was successful than Kildare would be able to maintain his control over Ireland intact.


why was the cooperation of Simnel and Fitzgerald dangerous to Henry?

because Fitzgerald was able to provide with troops and a base to launch an invasion.
- due to Fitzgerald being out of reach it would of been very difficult for Henry, with his weak claim to the throne to taken an army to fight Ireland.


what did Kildare do during the rebellion to Simnel?

crowned him king of Dublin.


who was Margaret of Burgundy?

the Duchess of Burgundy and whom was the power behind the Burgundian throne for much of the period. she was also the sister off Richard III and therefore was Yorkist supporter/sympathiser.


what was Henry's response to Margaret's support of pretenders?

he didn't want to act in the risky way of a military invasion as it was much more powerful than England. h


what role did Margaret play in supporting Simnel?

- provided funding for an army led by excellent military leader Martian Schwartz