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How much oily fish, F&V, exercise and alcohol a week for a healthy lifestyle?

Aim for:
- 1 portion of oily fish a week
- 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week
- 5 portions of F&V a day

Don't drink >14 units a week


Which of these isn't part of hypoglycaemia:
- Itch
- Headache
- Sweating
- Irritability
- Loss of Conc.



23 yr old hyperthyroidism patient started on Carbimazole. What does he need counselling on regaring his medication?

Potential side effects:
- Rash
- Agranulocytosis - Causes !Neutropenia!


38 yr old women:
- Tanned
- Tired
- Dizzy
- Hyperkalemic
- Hyponatremic
- Hypocortisolaemic
- Normal Ca2+
- Normal TFTs

Whats she got?


High K+ and low Na+ are typical electrolytes of addison's. The lack of aldosterone means your not resorping Na+ or excreting Potassium in the kidneys.
Tanned = Hyperpigmentation
Fatigue is common in addison's
Dizzy may be down to hypotension due to Na+ loss
Low cortisol due to adrenal insufficiency


Which of the following doesn't cause Secondary DM?

- Haemochromatosis
- Chronic Pancreatitis
- Addison's Disease
- Cushing's Disease
- Acromegaly

Addison's, loss of cortisol can actually risk hypoglycaemia

Haemochromatosis - Fe2+ infiltrating pancreas can limit insulin release
Pancreatitis - Damages Beta Cells
Cushing's Disease - Excess cortisol increases gluconeogenesis, lipolysis, proteolysis and action of glucagon
Acromegaly - GH increases gluconeogenesis & lipolysis


What is the first diagnositic test done on a diabetes patient and do you need a fasting sample?

Random Blood Glucose
Won't need a fasting sample if the random sample is +ve (>11.1mmol) and the patient has symptoms