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What are the main symptoms of diabetes?

- Thirst
- Polyuria/Nocturia
- Weight loss
- Tiredness
- Blurred vision
- Abdominal pain

- Frequent low grade infections e.g. thrush
- Slow wound healing


Explaint he symptoms of diabetes?

Polyuria and thirst - Body clearing a lot of glucose through the kidneys

Weight loss - Can't Take up and use glucose or amino acids

Tiredness - Can't get energy from glucose

Blurred vision - GLucose build up in eye

Infections - High glucose in blood and urine allows bacteria/fungi to grow

Slow wound healing - high glucose in blood enables microorganisms to grow and slow healing


Whats differnet about Type 1 and type 2 presentation?

- Type 1 is generally in kids or adolescents
- Type 2 is usually adult

Type 2 patients are generally overweight

Type 2 is rarely ketotic


How does diabetes present in DKA?

- N&V
- Sweet Ketotic Breath
- Drowsiness
- Kussmauls Respiration (Rapid, deep & sighing)
- Weakness, confusion & coma
- Increased urination


What kind of complications can you see in Diabetes, some patients may present with complications?

Macrovacular e.g. stroke, CAD or PAD

Microvascular e.g. retinopathy, neuropathy, nephropathy or PAD




Describe the presentations of MODY:

Maturity Onset Diabetes in the Young

Glucokinase Mutation
- Birth onset
- Stable hyperglycaemia
- Rare complications

Transcription Factor Mutations:
- Adolescent onset
- Progressive hyperglycaemia
- Frequent Complications


What are the signs of Gestational Diabetes?

Beyond the usual symptoms of diabetes it can cause:
- Foetal Macrosomia (big baby)
- Neonatal Resp Distress
- Neonatal Hypoglycaemia


What would you look for in possibly diabetic children?

- Thirsty
- Tired
- Thinner
- Toileting more

Returns to day or bed wetting in a dry child are a red flag of diabetes


How would you assess for diabetes in kids under 5?

Heavier/wetter nappies
blurred vision
Candidiasis (oral or vulval)
Recurrent skin infections
Irritability or behavioural changes