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- Douglass speaking to friendly crowd of abolitioners but writes speech knowing it will be read for a much wider audience

- Took special precautions in speech due to being black talking about anti-slavery

- Douglass powerful black man so could be seen as threat to white audiences (why his introduction is almost showing a debt of gratitude for being given the opportunity)

- Talks about the “youth” of the country and saying it leaves room for possible change and improvement


Founding Fathers

- praises them and agrees with their values (addresses them as “your” fathers showing the disconnect between him/whites)

- Thinks fighting against the British government and getting away from colonial system was a good thing

- Referred to them a amen of great honor and spirit that set a great example in the declaration of Independence for the morals the country should be based on

- Begins to talk about the irony of Americans knowing the feeling of being under the direct control of another ye still practicing slavery (the sin of hypocrisy)

- Says the timid men who were for colonialism that were ridiculed by society are much the same as those who support slavery currently

- Again makes sure not to offend white audiences by stating how Americans probably already know more of their struggle for independence them he (only concerned about the present)


Fourth of July

- begins with a question of why is he giving this speech at all

- He and blacks represents everything that the Founding Fathers sought not to build in the country according to the words in the declaration

- Doesn’t share in the same celebration fo freedom and pursuit of happiness

- Holiday just a reminder of the suffering of slaves and the mockery of the words of the founding fathers of “all men are created equal”



- says the argument of slavery whether it is right or wrong holds no ground since even slave holders agree to slaves being human through the punishment s they inflict

- Their is no question as to whether slaves hold moral human values since the thought of teaching slaves to read and write is so forbidden

- Despite all the tasks that’s blacks do alongside and even better than white men, they still aren’t completely respected as people under the law

- Says America is unrivaled in its slave brutality

- Ironic how symbols representing freedom and happiness like the American flag and Christianity are now also signs of restrictive torture of blacks under slavery wherever these symbols are present

- Fugitive Slave Law reduces slaves to nothing more than animals or wild game for hunt (punished mercy)

- American justice works one way and that is the way of the oppressor



- Begins to condemn Christianity for not practicing it’s preachings when it comes to defending freedom of blacks

- Silent in the fight against slavery

- A religious institution that can’t show the minimum decency to a group of people is no beneficial institution

- Church not just indifferent but takes the slave holder side (says master slave relationship ordained by God)

- Openly says welcome to atheism and sin as Christianity has turned its back on the black race

- Compares the atrocities faced by the Scottish overseas were aided by the church defending their freedoms ( questions why blacks don’t receive similar treatment)

- All for the liberation of fellow Europeans but silent in the fight for black freedom



- America openly invited overseas European immigrants with open arms but won’t even treat their domestic populous the same way

- Talk about the dignity of labor but repudiate the free labor they’ve been given

- Says slavery limits the progress the nation can make and makes a mockery of its republic

- Talks about though every man has a right to their own opinions of the making of the Constitution, even the most und educated can understand liberty and the pursuit of happiness and inalienable rights shared by all men