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The sixteen Instructions for stopping drinking forever

1. Cultivate the attitude: "Isn't it great ? My life is no longer dominated by devastation!"

2. Never, ever doubt your decision: there is absolutely nothing to give up!

3. Do not try not to think about drinking.

4. Be aware that the little monster exists, but don't worry about him.

5 Don't worry if occasionally you forget that you no longer drink.

6. Don't wait to become a non drinker.

7. Accept that you will have good days and bad days.

8. Be aware that you control the craving and not the other way around.

9. Do not mourn the death of an enemy.

10. Don't change your lifestyle just because you have quit drinking.

11. Don't try to convert your friends unless they first seek your help.

12. Change those parts of your lifestyle that you do not like, but for purely selfish reasons.

13. Do not use substitutes.

14. Enjoy breaking the associations.

15. Never envy people who do drink alcohol.

16. Last, but not least: ENJOY LIFE!


What four things can't you have too much of?

Time, energy, love and money.


What four valuable things does alcohol ravage?

My time, energy, love and money. I will have so much more of each of these valuable commodities. I will spend them wisely on activities that give me genuine pleasure.


What must I never, ever do?

NEVER EVER QUESTION my decision to quit drinking. With some decisions it's difficult to weigh up the pros and cons. There are no pros whatsoever to drinking devastation!


What must I not try to avoid?

Do not, I repeat, do not, try to avoid thinking about the fact that I no longer drink alcohol. Freely think "Hallelujah, I'm free at last", and enjoy the ecstasy of thinking about it.


"I want a drink"

BULLSHIT- False Brain Message: I don't drink, I am a nondrinker and DO NOT want a drink. I am FREE from the trap of alcohol.


Why am I receiving false brain message that I want to drink?

Message sent because my brain was brainwashed to believe that alcohol relieved stress and relaxed me and/or brought me pleasure. But it does neither. It relieves nothing, it creates huge stress. It steals my senses. It gives no pleasure it gives only pain.It is poison and devastation and has no positive contributions to make. It adds nothing and I have given up nothing so there is nothing to crave and therefor nothing that requires willpower to resist. The cravings are false. Just ghosts. Use their energy to rejoice in my freedom.

Refocus on my freedom from the trap of alcohol and my joyous clarity, confidence and vitality.

I am a non drinker and these diminishing false brain messages are relics from a "brainwashed"
Brain, not who I am.


By becoming a nondrinker what benefits have I given up?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because alcohol gave me nothing, not a thing. Not relief from stress, only ignorance of stress. Not relaxation, only inebriation. Not pleasure, only stupor. Not relief from pain, only buckets of new pain.


Do I need willpower to resist the craving, the desire to drink?

NO, because I have no desire to drink since I escaped the delusion that drinking helped or pleasured me in some way. It doesn't. No craving ( except false brain messages which I recognize, dismiss and accept) so nothing to resist with willpower.


When do you cure your alcohol problem?

You cure your alcohol problem the moment the desire to consume alcohol is removed permanently.

The cure is instant and complete.


What are the biggest benefits of ridding myself of alcohol?

Return of self-respect. Freedom from domination by a poison I despised.

Above that was regaining my courage and confidence and feeling like the strong healthy human being Mother Nature intended me to be.

The greatest gain by far was the combined result --happiness!


What causes craving?

Ignorance -- the wrong belief that we are making a sacrifice, that social occasions will never be enjoyable without alcohol, that we won't be able to cope with stress without it, and the belief that we can never be completely free.


Why do we crave a drink?

Because we have been brainwashed to react in certain ways when we quit.

We have a choice not to crave and if we then continue we are brainwashing ourselves.


Are there any benefits to taking alcohol?

No. Absolutely none.


Is cutting down an option?

No. It's all or nothing.


Is there any inherent flaw, either physical or mental, in the makeup of a person addicted to alcohol?

No. None. Anyone who drinks alcohol is just another fly in the pitcher plant.