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What matters most?

My Mission.


What is my mission?

To cultivate my lean fit, happy, healthy, productive body and razor sharp, crystal clear, laser focused mind so I can fully engage Life and model wise choices for my loved ones so we may be content and free from suffering.


What guides me on my mission?

My North Star.


What is my North Star?

My guiding values of Vitality, Clarity, Mindfulness and Self Control.


What do I follow to achieve my mission?

My Path.


What is my path?

To avoid grain, gluten, processed sugar, industrial oils, legumes and alcohol, and move easy often, move very fast occasionally, lift heavy things, sleep well and play hard.


What marks my progress on my path?

My landmarks.


What are my landmarks?

Vitality through a lean, fit, happy, healthy, productive body and crystal clear, razor sharp and laser focused mind


What are my sub goals?

My waypoints.


What are my waypoints?

A leaner, fitter, more rested, more energetic and more alert body, 10,000 daily Fitbit steps, Tabata Sprints, body weight workouts, 5# losses, 210's, 200's, less than 200#.


What do I use to reach my waypoints?

My tools.


What are my tools?

4-steps, slow breathing, meditation, green breaks, will power, want power, won't power, self care, self awareness, remembering what matters most and acting in alignment with my values to advance my mission.


What do I "do"?

My aligned action.


What is a specific aligned action that advances my Mission?

Eating less than 1860 net calories a day, nothing after lunch before dinner, no more than one 400 calorie snack after dinner, dishes and tea.


How do I prepare to take my aligned action,

By mentally rehearsing accomplishing my desired action.


How do I mentally rehearse exercising my self control over eating in the evening?

Vividly imagine coming home, using won't power to avoid snacking before dinner, eating a satisfying dinner, setting up, clearing the dishes, the counter, washing the dishes, fixing spicy tea, and eating only one small snack of less than 400 calories after dinner.


How do I practice overcoming obstacles to my aligned action?

By imaging vividly the obstacles I will face, fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, habitual pig-out response, and advancing my health and vitality.