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What is the purpose of issuing a supplement?

To add guidance provided by AFI without reducing its level of responsibility.


What instruction establishes the requirement for shop operating instructions?

AFI 11-301 V1


When should you read your section's OI's?

Prior to beginning work in a section.


As a minimum what items are contained in your shop's OI's?

Listing duty hours, uniform requirements, and clarification of information found in TO's.


What is the difference between a master library and a functional library?

A master library provides a readily available reference service to all activities on a n AF base or other separate installation, while the functional library is set up specifically for each individual unit.


How many master publications libraries are normally located on each active AF base?

At least one.


Normally, who may authorize the establishment of a master library?

Normally the DA of the host unit.


What does the e-pubs website provide?

Links to Product Announcements and Obsolete Publications.


What form do you use if publications are kept in a separate location?

DD form 2861 cross reference.


What is the TO system vision?

To provide user friendly, technically accurate, secure up to date digital tec data at the point of use that is acquired, sustained, distributed and available in digital format from a single point of access for all tec data users.


What is ETIMS?

Is the official for distribution of AFTO's use of any other method on program wide basis will require a written waiver from AFMC/A4U.


Explain the development of the supplement.

Develop the supplement using a word processing or publishing software program. Then convert it to PDF using acrobat Distiller or PDF writer.


Why is the stand alone RAC distributed?

To allow local printing of the change for updating paper copies of the TO.