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What does the planning process enable?

Proactive, risk informed global force management decisions resulting in timely allocation of forces/capabilities necessary to execute a combatant commanders mission.


Deployment manning is based upon what two items?

The Operations Plan (OPLAN) and the Unit Type Code (UTC).


Normally who issues the OPORDS to the AFCC?

A combatant commander.


What is the objective of the CONPLAN?

To develop sound operational and support concepts that can be rapidly expanded to an OPORD if necessary.


What is the minimum manning requirement if there is a chem/bio threat associated with the deployment?



What info can supervisors obtain from the manpower force document (MANFOR)?

The required number and grade of personnel needed to support the tasking.


What does the MANFOR provide air force planners?

Standardized force capability outlining man power requirements for operations planning, execution documents, and readiness measurements.


What does the UDM do?

The primary liaison to the UTM, squadron superintendent, and wing training functions regarding deployment related issues.


How long will the position of IDO be filled?

At least 18 months.


Those subject to deploy must complete what training?

LOAC, personal and family readiness, SABC, and FPCON.


Which form do you use to document inspections performed on equipment stored in mobility bins?

Computer based systems, AF Form 2411 or locally developed form.


AFE uses what allowance standards?

AS 016 Special Purpose Clothing and Personal Equipment, AS 660, Weapons Systems Communications Requirements, and AS 450, AFE.


What is the DCC?

The focal point for all deployment ops, the DCC must make sure the installation meets all deployment command and control requirements.


Why should you include plenty of supplies that have hazards shipping restrictions when preparing for a deployment?

Because restrictions may make resupply difficult.


What publication must you refer to when dealing with HAZMAT in your mobility bin?

AFJMAN 24-204, Prepairing Hazardous Materials for Military Air Shipments.


What are some items you must declare as hazardous?

Adhesives, compressed O2, isopropyl, and flammable aerosols.