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What are the usual responsibilities of an SME (Subject Matter Expert)?

Keep slides, video presentations, and articles related to the subject up to date.


Where can yo find periodicals to use for subject research?

Magazines published by each MAJCOM or by reading safety reports provided to each unit.


When briefing a group on a certain subject, what four things are important to know?

The groups background, their knowledge base, what they want to know, and how much time you have.


Why is tact important?

To build respect and understanding between you and aircrew.


Define creativity.

The imaginative combining of known elements into something new and useful.


What is the first step in overcoming barriers?

Recognizing and understanding various barriers.


Why is eye contact the most important hands on technique?

Sets u;p a relationship, and helps them feel instruction is personal and directed to them.


Why should supervisors periodically watch trainers conduct hands on training?

To ensure that aircrew are getting good training.


What is the first quality or trait you should have before you attempt to conduct hands on training?

Knowledge of the equipment.


How would students achieve maximum benefits from demonstration?

Use the actual equipment.


When would you use the formal lecture method?

Large groups.


What should you use in the demonstration when actual equipment isn't available or is impractical?

models, mock up, or trainers.


Why should you set up realistic work problems during a performance?

Give a sense of accomplishment.


What is a permissive atmosphere?

Provide a warm, friendly, and sincere learning environment.


How would you interim summaries benefit the class?

Frequent review of points discussed with help the class understand the comprehend the material.