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What is foot slap?

Plantar flexion occurs too quickly


What is the cause of foot slap?

Insufficient resistance to plantar flexion


what is knee instabilit?

Tendency for knee to buckle at heel contact


What Are the causes of knee instability?

Knee center too far anterior to TKA line
Excessive resistance to plantar flexion
Weak hip Extensors


How to correct knee instability with patients who have weak hip Extensors?

Train patient to extend hip and stabilize knee


Unequal stride length is usually accompanied by?

Short stride on prosthetic side


What are the causes of unequal stride length?

Excessive initial socket flexion
Bad gait habit or PT insecurity with new Px. ( gait training required)


What are the causes of external rotation of the foot at heel strike?

Anterior medial brim not flared enough
Resistance to plantar flexion is excessive...aka heel cushion is too firm
Foot is inset too far
Foot shoe complex too stiff or heel lever too long
Medial brim is hitting ( socket too loose hamstring relief inadequate)


What is a correction of external rotation of the foot at heel strike?

Check fit of socket


Lateral trunk bending exceeds ________" at the head



What are the causes of lateral trunk bending?

Weak hip abductors= weak gluteus medius
Short femur
Insufficient socket adduction
Painful distal, lateral femur
Px foot is outset too far
Prosthesis length is incorrect ( too short) or (too long)


What is abducted antalgic gait?

Prosthesis held away from midline during stance


What are the causes of abducted antalgic gait?

Excessive brim pressure
Inadequate ramus relief
Increased flexion with correcting medial brim
Anterior pelvic tilt causes pressure on pubic arch


Wide base gait ( more than 2-4") is caused bY?

Foot outset too far


Narrow base gait ( less than 2") is caused by?

Foot that is inset too far


Inversion of foot is caused by what?

Too much socket abduction or loose socket in the dimension


Eversion of foot is caused by what?

Too much socket adduction or loose socket in ML dimension


What is pelvic rise?

"Hill climbing" as amputee rolls over ball of foot pelvis rises excessively. Amputee stays on prosthetic foot too long, difficult to ride over foot.


What are the causes of pelvic rise?

Toe lever arm is too long
Foot set in excessive plantar flexion


What is drop off?

Torso lowers excessively, accompanied by quick step on sound side


What are the causes of drop off?

Toe lever too short or keel too soft
Foot in excessive dorsiflexion
Long stride on sound side


What is a medial whip?

An abrupt medial movement of the heel as it rises from the floor accompanied by a lateral movement of the knee & shank


What is the cause of medial whip?

Medial whip is due to the knee axis aligned in excessive external rotation


What is lateral whip?

Heel moves lateral while knee & shrank rotate medially


What is the cause of lateral whip?

Lateral whip is due to the knee axis aligned in excessive internal rotation.


What are the causes of inadequate knee flexion( too little heel rise) ?

Too much knee friction
Excessive swing flexion resistance
Limited pelvic rotation


What are the causes of excessive knee flexion ( too much heel rise)?

Inadequate swing flexion resistance
Too much dynamic response from energy storing foot


What are the causes of circumduction?

Inadequate knee flexion
Prosthesis too long
Medial brim discomfort
Lack of confidence that Px will swing thru and extend fully


What is the cause of pistoning?

Inadequate fit and /or suspension


What is vaulting?

Amputee uses excessive plantar flexion of sound ankle/ foot to ensure that prosthetic toe /foot does not drag