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What was the “iron curtain”?

The communist countries which provided a barrier to the soviets.
They were Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, east Germany, Albania and czechoslovakia


Why couldn’t the ussr do anything to start a war?

Because the USA had atomic weapons


What was the Truman doctrine?

Truman said that if the USA attacked anyone then Truman would send the us army to fight them off


Why did the Marshall plan annoy Stalin?

Because it went against Potsdam because they helped Germany


What was the Berlin blockade and how did the allies respond?

Stalin ordered for all access to West Berlin to be blocked off so the residents couldn’t have supply and electricity so he could eventually take over Berlin.

The allies organised an airlift which lasted 11 months and there was a flight every 30 seconds


Why did Stalin call off the blockade?

Because he couldn’t stop them flying in supplies and if he shot down a ship it would start a war and he couldn’t fight the atomic weapons


What was nato?

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 1949

11 European countries USA and Canada

1955- new west German army bundeswher


Warsaw Pact

Communist equivalent of nato just 6 years later in 1955


Why was the Berlin Wall built?

Because East Germans were migrating into east Berlin


Statistics about the Berlin Wall

103 miles perimeter of West Berlin

Death strip in between the two walls 100 died from 61-89 41 in the first year

Pete lechter was left to bleed to death as people pleaded for them to help him


What was the past of willy Brandt?

West Berlin mayor 1961-66

Foreign minister 1966-69 when he became chancellor


What was ostpolitik?

No fighting treaty with the ussr, give back some of Poland, kneel in front of a Jewish memorial, negotiations with the east