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What was the FRG?

The FRG was the west side of Germany controlled by Britain USA and France

Federal Republic of Germany


What was the GDR?

The democratic republic of Germany was the soviet controlled eastern side of Germany


What was the federal parliament like?

In Bonn, the west German capital, 11 lander regions represented in the Bundesrat, in the Bundestag they were voted by people


What were the policies of the GDR?

Communist-one party state (not democratic) east Berlin capital 40,000 were killed in concentration camps 1\3of everyone who was in them and


How did Adenauer and nato help the “economic miracle”?

Adenauer- restoring economy increases independence and democracy

NATO defence organisation, improved foreign relations


What did Erhard do?

The economic minister Ludwig erhard investment, research, strong central bank, currency stability

Old industries plus new ones
New currency
High demand
Taxing businesses highly


What did the Stazi do?

They were the East German secret police they made people spy on neighbours and they had 180km of records which survived they used a tape recorder for spying


What did east Germany do which was similar to the nazis?

They paid women to have children?


What happened industrially to the east?

they had 20% the production of the west, children were inventors, the best workers moved to the west with 35 million others from 1949-61


What was the first economy group west Germany joined?

The organisation for european economic control
Adenauer wanted a United europe


What was the only organisation of the three that didn’t have two Es?

The ECSC or European coal and steel community included countries such as Italy, France and Luxembourg

151% increase of steel production


What became the EU?

The EEC or European economic community was formed based on the success of the ECSC