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What is the home front?

The informal term for civilians left behind in a war, who assist with the war effort in some way.


When did Germany start rationing, what did they have and why did they start?

21st August 1939
1 egg and 500g of meat a week
Because a lack of food was a key reason for them losing WW1


What event happened in 1941 involving people who the nazis viewed as inferior to others?

Women started working in factories


By the end of the war, how many German civilians were killed?

Over 500,000


When did Germany lower ration sizes further?



How did a type of flower opposed the nazis?

A youth group called the white rose led anti-nazi demonstrations, the leaders were tortured and executed.


Which youth group with the initials ep opposed the nazis and what happened?

The edelweiss pirates attacked hitler youth members printed anti-nazi pamphlets and offered shelter to army deserters the leaders were arrested and hanged


Give one example of how the military opposed hitler

A plan was made to kill hitler with a bomb however colonel Von stauffenberg’s bomb only injured hitler 200 executed

Army group centre in Russia placed a bomb on hitlers aircraft however it didn’t detonate


How well did the church oppose the nazis

Very poorly, Martin niemöller tried but spent 8 years in a concentration camp and Diedrich Bonhoelfer was executed


In 1939,what did the nazis do in Poland?

They marched in and Jews were killed or sent to ghettos


Russia 1941- what happened and how did the nazis react

35,000 jews were murdered and their bodies were covered in quicksand. The ss leader himmler was appalled at the cruelty of the method


What was decided in 1942

The extermination of all European Jews “final solution” decided at the Wannsee conference


When were Jews in concentration camps?

Spring 1942-45


Yalta conference

Feb 1945
Germany forced to surrender
Germany and Berlin in 4 zones
USA south France west Britain north USSR east


Potsdam conference

August 1945
Churchill and Roosevelt no longer in power
Zones formally agreed
Eventually Germany could take control
Nuremberg trials


What did the allies attempt and receive

Attempted denazification- all nazi supporters lose jobs but the influence was too strong

Marshall plan from America to the FRG $1.3bn