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types of antiemetics

nonpresciption- (for motion sickness) antihistimine, dramamine, cyclizine, meclizine, diphenhydramin, peptobismol
prescription antihistamines
dopamine antagonists
phenothaizine antiemetics
benzodiazipines- Ativan and valium
seritonin receptor agonists- zofran
cannaboids- used in cancer patients
glucocorticoids- prendisone and dexamethasone


nis for antiemetics

urinalysis for pregnancy
figure out underlying cause of vomiting
oral care
monitor bowel sounds for hypoactivity or hyperactivity
avoid etoh
if pregnant, stop using
report sore throat, fever, mouth sores- come to dr and have a CBC drawn
non pharmacological measures to alleviate nausea


types of antidiarrheals

opiates and opiate related agonists- limotal
somatostatin analoge-kaolin, pectin
adsorbents- peptobismol
immodium- travelers diarrhea


assess for hx of drug abuse if

opiate related drugs are given for diarrhea


report what?

tachycardia and decrease of bp by 10-15 mmhg
may need fluid and electrolyte replacement


pt teaching with antidiarrheals

do not take with opiates, sedatives, narcotics
do not exceed daily dose, can be habit forming
drink clear liquids
constipation can result from over use
avoid milk and fried foods


nis for antidiarrheals

with hold drug if it continues for 48 hrs past time of administration or if acute pain delevops
caution with hepatic impairment, ulcerative colitis, glaucoma


what happens when people use laxitives long term

loss of bowel tone
possible fvd


teaching for laxitives

do not take with in one hour of other drugs
dc if rectal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, or cramping occurs
take with only water to increase absorption
take in morning to prevent disturbance of sleep pattern


bulk forming laxatives nis

avoid inhalation of psyllium dust
identify cause of constipation
dc if nausea vomiting or rectal bleeding
do not swallow drug in powder form
mix w 8-10 oz of water, if not drug can solidify and does not work


nis for antacids

give 1-2 hours before or after meds cause it can interfere with the abosorption
drink 2oz of water with antacids to ensure medication reaches the stomach
do not take at meal time
take before bed
warn against milk and foods high in vit D
sodium restriction- check antacids for sodium content


nis for h2 blockers

monitor loc
monitor gastric PH greater than 5 is desired
consider older adults may have less stomach acid
smoking can alter effectiveness of drugs
drug induced gyecomastia and impotence are reversible


nis for Pepsin inhibitors

gastric ph greater than 5
renal funciton
administer on an empty stomach
1-2 hours time elapse between drugs, this drug can bind to other drugs causing issues
take exactly as prescirbed
increase fluids fiber and exercise because constipation is a common se
report any vomiting blood or black stools


avoid liquids and foods that can cause gi upset such as

caffeine, etoh, fats, spices