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What are glands?

A single cell or complex organ that secretes
- usually cuboidal or columnar epithelia


Tell me 3 things about Endocrine glands.

1. They produce hormones.
2. They are ductless.
3. They secrete by exocytosis into interstitial fluid - blood


Where can I find Endocrine glands?

In scattered cells in digestive tract, pancreas, or organs such as thyroid or the pituitary gland.


Tell me 3 things about Exocrine glands.

1. Produce sweat, saliva, mucus, tears, oil, milk. bile, etc.
2. Secrete through ducts onto a surface or cavity.
3. They are classified by mode of secretion and the number or shape of the cells.


What should I know about Merocrine glands?

They release by exocytosis and are the most common Exocrine gland. Some examples are the merocrine sweat gland and the mucous gland.


What should I know about Apocrine glands?

They are an Exocrine gland and they shed the apical portion of their cell, and example would be lipid droplets by mammary glands.


What should I know about Holocrine glands

They are a member of the Exocrine family (aw one big, happy, oily family <3) and they burst open and release, in the case of sebaceous glands, oil.