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What is the birth rate?

number of births per 1000 people per year


what is the death rate?

number of deaths per 1000 people per year


what is the dependency ratio?

The proportion of people below 14 or above 65


what is the fertility rate?

The average number of births per women


what is infant mortality (rate)?

number of children per 1000 live births who die before age 1


What is maternal mortality?

Number of mothers per 100 000 who die in child birth


How is development measured?

using development indicators like:
-Human development index
-percentage below above poverty line


How is Human development index measured?

using an average of
-life expectancy
-literacy rate
-average length of schooling
-GDP per capita


What problems face Malawi from developing?

-contaminated water
-changing climate--draught, food shortages
-land locked
-rural isolation


What are the 5 stages of Rostow's theory?

1) traditional society
2) pre take of society
3) take of stage
4) drive to maturity
5) high mass consumption


What are the three sections of frank's dependency theory?

periphery -> semi-periphery --> core


What is globalisation?

the way in which countries have become increasingly connected through trade and investment.


Why have TNC's invested in Asian countries?

-cheaper wages
-goods made cheaper


What is top down development?
give example

Decisions made by the government to invest in something hoping for the improvements to help everyone yet they don't always
e.g. sardar sarovar dam in india


What is bottom up development?
give example

usually run by non government organisations such as charities for communities who need it
e.g. a biogas tank which uses animal waste to produce gas to burn


What is urbanisation?

an increase in the number of people living in cities


What is suburbanisation?

The movement of people, industry and jobs from the centre of the cities into the countryside.
(this usually only occurs in a developed country).


What is counter urbanisation?

The movement of people out of the cities into the countryside.
(usually only occurs in developed country)


What is regeneration?

new investment into old run down parts of the city, usually inner city areas to make them more attractive to businesses and housing.


Which megacity did we cover in class?

Mumbai in india


What are the problems with Rostows's modernisation theory?

-it assumes that all countries start at the same level of development
-it doesn't consider the quantity of the country's resources or climate/natural hazards