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What are the 7 biomes?

carnivorous forest
grass land
tropical rainforest
deciduous forest


What are Ecosystem services?

All the ways humans benefit from that ecosystem


What are provisioning services?

The goods which ecosystems supply.
E.g wood, crops, food


What are regulating services?

-storing carbon and emitting oxygen, carbon cycle
-purifying water, hydrological cycle


WHat are cultural services?

-spiritual well being
-recreation and tourism


What are deciduous trees?

trees which lose their leaves in the winter


What are local factors?

The differences that alter animal and plant species in a biome from ones that we would expect


What are the local factors that affect biomes?

-rock and soil type
-Water availability


What is the nutrient cycle?

The cycle where biomass dies into 'litter' which decays into soil


What are the negatives of an increasing population on biomes?

-destroyed to make room for agriculture, housing, mining and factories
-destroyed to obtain timber for building
-more pollution


What are the different population theories?

Malthus- Food production wont increase at the same rate as the population so at some point there wont be enough food to feed the population
Boserup- technology will allow for increased food production so will always have enough time


What could happen if the world becomes over populated?

-Polluted water
-exhausted soil with no nutrients for growing plants
-run out of fossil fuels - burn dirty coal


What is an ecosystem?

A grouping of plants and animals that interact with each other and their local environment


What is a Biome

a large ecosystem - a grouping of plants and animals over a large area of the earth


What is the tundra?

within the arctic circle, the sun gives little heat here and there is little rain


What does the 'biosphere' do for us?

-It regulates the gases that make up the atmosphere - plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen
- regulates the water cycle, plants filter and slow the water
-keeps the soil healthy for new plants to grow


How does altitude affect plant type?

-Different plants grow at different temperature, the higher the altitude, the lower the temperature.
- A mountainous topography mean that soil will be eroded away near the top of mountains, so plants will struggle to grow


How does rock and soil type affect plant type?

- if the surface is mainly rocky, plants will not be able to get enough nutrients to grow

-If the soil is infertile due to lack of nutrients or ph, then plants will struggle to grow


How does drainage/water availability affect plant type?

- where drainage is poor, swamps and marshland can form, where specialist plants that require a lot of water grow
- Where there is limited water, like in arid conditions or where water drains away too quickly, then plants that have long roots and don't require large amounts of water will grow


What is the name of the water cycle?

The hydrological cycle


What are the abiotic components of an ecosystem?

climate, soil and water


What are the biotic components of an ecosystem?

Plants, animals and humans