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How much does transnational organised crime cost the global econemy each year according to Castells?

£1 trillion


What are some examples of transnational organised crime?

Arms trafficking
Cyber crime


What are the supply and demand sides of the criminal econemy?

Demand: rich west countries
Supply: poor third world countries


How much of the Colombian population rely on cocaine production for their income?



What is global risk consciousness?

People are more conscious of the risks associated with globalisation such as transnational crimes


What are the results of moral panics surrounding immigration?

Hate crimes against immigrants
Tightening of boarder controlls
Having more CCTV
Increased international cooperation to prevent global crimes


How has globalisation affected capitalism?

Big companies can switch to 3rd world countries to pay workers less which produces poverty and inequality


How does marketisation undermine social cohesion?

People are encouraged to see themselves as individual consumers


What factors of capitalism and globalisation encourage people to turn to crime?

Marketisation undermines social cohesion as people are encouraged to see themselves as individual consumers
Companies move to 3rd world countries which means people lose jobs and creates inequality when new workers are paid less


Who examined the role of international financial organisations in crimes of globalisation?

Rothe and Friedrichs


What did Rothe and Friedrichs find when looking at the role of international financial organisations in crimes of globalisation?

They were dominated by major capitalist states and impose pro-capitalist programmes on poor countries as a condition for the loans they provide.


What did Hobbs and Dunningham find about the way crime is organised?

Contracts act as a hub and a network forms around them.
This contrasts withe the mafia organisations of the past


What is the glocal organisation of crime?

Crime has international links but is still rooted in it's local context


What did Glenny find about the mcmafia?

The new capitalist class in Russia after the fall of the USSR needed protection from the chaos so turned to new mafias which were based on economic interests rather than ethnic ties