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What was the original intention behind the meaning of the term when Giorgio Vasari coined it? Why?

-it was a reference to Nordic tribes that overran the Roman Empire in 6th century
-architecture was debased (less quality/value) compared to his own time, which revived the forms of classical antiquity (1500s)


What was the ultimate engineering challenge for the architect during the Gothic age? How did architects meet the challenge?

-Romanesque= stone barrel/groin vaults (thick, small windows,)--> very dark
-1100s→ architects want to make the fluid arrangement of the space


pointed arch

less outward thrust= bigger windows; could become taller that eh rounded arch


stone ribs

- distribute the weight of the vault onto columns and piers


flying buttresses

-bridge-like arches are connected to vertical members (uprights) that absorb the outward thrust; made it possible to reduce the masonry to more skeletal framework


groin vaults

- thick, needed very small windows


How does a Gothic church differ from a Romanesque church?

-taller/higher ceiling; more windows; stained glass→ LIGHT
-figurative sculptures
-stained glass windows= central to the perception of the cathedral as a collection of the Christian faith


What is the resulting effect of the new architectural elements in the Abbey Church of St. Denis?

-clear spatial distribution
-organic lightness
-bays were open on all sides and walls of radiating chapels had large openings with stained glass


To whom is this the Chartres Cathedral dedicated? What relic does it hold?

-dedicated to the Virgin Mary
-relic= tunic of the Virgin Mary
-believed to have a spiritual powers


Why are there two different construction phases for the Chartres Cathedral ?

-1140= Romanesque
-1194= church burned down; shroud was lost; town lost protection
-3 days later, tunic found unharmed
-believed that Mary wasn’t actually angry with the ppl in the town but just wanted to get the old church out of the way to build a new church equal to her importance


What is the overall subject or theme of the sculptural program for the Chartres Cathedral?

-Romanesque→ Gothic
-opening up the walls of the church; focus on geometry; wanted to church to mirror the measure in which god created the universe→ feel closer to God


importance of stained glass and light

-floating planes of light
-speckled light⇒ make the walls turn into spirit instead of matter
-light= symbol of divinity
-colors= rich, deep; vivid
-4 part to 3 part elevation (take out gallery)→ allow for larger panes of glass
-least material and most transcendent; “and there will be light” (separate light from dark); divine light; light of God--> what would heaven look like


Visitation Sculpture on Reims Cathedral

-Archangel Gabriel with the Annunciate Virgin, Mary and Elizabeth