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Divided government

where one party controls the executive branch, while the opposition party controls one or both houses of Congress
Ex. 2010 midterm election, when Reps regained control of HOR, they brought back divided gov, Dems use to control both presidency and congress


The aim of a political party is to...

influence public policy, in order to succeed, parties must draw enough of the electorate into their organization and get enough votes to elect candidates or public office


3 ways to view a political party:

the party as an organization
the party's relationship with the electorate
the party's role in government


common functions for political parties to reach goals

nominate candidates who can develop public policy
develop positive image
raising money
articulating these issues during campaign so electorate will identify
w/ a particular party or candidate
coordinating in the governing process the implementation (execution)
the policies they supported


Party realignment and Party dealignment

the displacement of the majority party by the minority party during a CRITICAL election period (shift from one party to another)
the gradual disengagement of ppl from the major political parties w/ a shift toward registering as an Independent (shift away from both parties)


3rd political parties

ideological, single-issues oriented, economically motivated, and personally driven
have an effort to influence the outcome and direction of an election
their popular/favorable policies are adopted by the major political parties (reps & dems)



A consistent pattern of beliefs about political values and the role of government
-ideological party: values principled stands above all else, have a radically different view of American security and gov from the the est. parties



favor defense cuts
freedom of choice for abortions
opposed to school prayer of any kind
view gov as a means of dealing w/ the problems facing society
more sympathetic to the rights of the accused



favor gov spending on defense over social welfare programs
favor right to life
favor moments of silent prayer
favor a more laissez-faire position
more critical of many of the Warren Ct decisions


The Tea Party

defying liberals and conservatives, combination of grassroots Americans and former Republican Party leaders
-endorsed rep gubernatorial and congressional candidates


political parties exist on national and local levels...

organization of nat pol. parties helps maintain party discipline, yet local party organizations & their political machines have a moaner infielder on the outcome of elections


political machine exists...

on the local levels and uses patronage (rewarding loyal party members w/ jobs) as the means to feel the party members in line


the nominating process (drives the organization of the nat. political party)

event though the nat. convention still elects the presidential candidates , the role of the party caucuses and party primaries has grown in importance


Caucus and Primaries

a meeting of members to select delegates who, in turn, will nominate candidates to political offices
an election to choose candidates for office


Conventions became more democratic by...

delegates procedures being aimed to include more minority representation



party leaders and elected party official who become delegates to the nat. convention w/o having to run in primaries or caucuses


the national committee

a combination of state and national party leaders, the governing body of the political party


the real leader of the party in power

the President


political participation

registering to vote
joining a specific political party
attending political meetings
voting in elections
-yet less than half of those who are eligible actually vote in elections


unconventional participation

protest and civil disobedience


Future is not bright for traditional political parties

decline in enrollment and an increase in independents
-more ticket splitting (where votes cast their ballots upon each individual candidate running for a certain office, not the whole party itself)
-impact of media weakens ability for the party to get its message out
-impact of special-interest groups and PACs has reduced the need for the elected official to use traditional party resources


political party

a team of men & women banding together seeking to control the governing apparatus by gaining office in a duly constituted election


Characteristics of politics

individuals w/ similar ideas uniting to form pol. parties
the means by which ppl and groups get involved
who gets what, when, how, and why
the interrelationship of ppl and groups


relationships that exist in political parties

b/w the party and courts, an external relationship that goes beyond the organizational characteristics of pol. parties


what translates inputs from the public into outputs from her policymakers?

linkage institutions (channels through which ppl's concerns become political issues on the gov's policy agenda) ex. elections, pol. parties, interest groups, media)


what philosophies is reflected by the majority of the American electorate?

A middle-of-the-road philosophy


successful parties rarely stray from

the midpoint of public opinion


Which of the following results after a CRITICAL election occurs?

party realignment


When ppl move away from both parties



What molds the values a person develops?

political socialization (process by which ppl acquire their political orientation)
-pol. socialization molds a person's ideology and party identification


who determines the party platform?

the delegates to the national convention vote on the party platform


which of the following time periods reflects a change from the dominance of the Reps as the nations majority party?

the Great Depression (public fed up w/ trickle down economics theories of H Hoover, turn to New Deal of FDR) rep-> dem


the reps have constantly been the minority party from 1968-1994 in which institution?



National Conventions

places where delegates come together to RATIFY choices ALREADY made by party activist and primary voters