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What are some examples of pharmaceutical solutions?

1. Syrups

2. Elixers

3. Spirits

4. Mixtures

5. Tinctures

6. Linctuses

7. Injections

8. Lotions


Give examples of solvent vehicles?

1. Water

2. Glycerol

3. Alcohol

4. Propylene Glycol


Why are density modifiers used in solutions?

1. To create similar density of solution to the fluid the environment is in

2. Dextrose used in spinal fluid as the density is relative to it


Why are isotonicity modifiers used in solutions?

1. Iso-osmotic in tissue fluid

2. Solution additives contribute to osmotic pressure (External pressure applied to the solution to prevent the re-entry of solvent via osmosis)

3. Adjustment made after all ingredients are added in


Why are viscosity enhancements used in solutions?

1. Improves the pouring quality of an oral solution

2. Increases viscosity in eyes and skin

3. Example: Gelling agent such as hydroxyethyl cellulose, carbomer



Why are preservatives used in solutions?

1. Adsorption to containers

2. Prevents micro-organism growth


Why are reducing agents and anti-oxidants used in solutions?

Added to solutions to make it more stable as it may be susceptible to oxidation


Why are sweetening agents used in solutions?

1. Masks flavours: sucrose is colourless and very soluble in water

2. Sorbitol (mouth feel)


Why are flavours and perfumes used in solutions?

1. As sweetening may not be enough for it to be plateable

2. Used to mask organoleptic property of smell


What are the advantages of oral dosage forms?

1. Minimal gastric irritation

2. Homogenous: alike environment

3. Can be absorbed easily as it's already in solution

4. Easy to swallow

5. Fast therapeutic action


What are the disadvantages of oral dosage forms?

1. Bulky

2. Poor stability in solution

3. Micro-organism growth possible: preservatives needed

4. Issues with accuracy (spoon necessary)

5. Taste is pronounced