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As a allegation filed by an employee or group of employees that the county has failed to provide a condition of employment which is established by this agreement or by a departmental policy and procedures manual


Grievance procedures does not cover:

1. Matters which the civil service commission has jurisdiction over.
2. Covered by the labor relations ordinance
3. Concerning performance reports
4. Any other concerns not covered by this report and P&P


Stale grievance

Anything older than 45 days of the violation or when the employee reasonable should have learned about the failure


Informal discussion with supervisor

An attempt to cone to a satisfactory solution prior to filing a formal complaint


Formal written grievance to employees supervisor

Employee has 7 working days after informal written grievance to file formal written. Supervisor has 7 days to reply. Employees has 7 days to take to file an appeal to take it to the next level if not satisfied with the resolution.


Grievance to middle management

Middle management has 10 calendar days to review and answer the grievance. The employee may request a meeting with middle management and their own steward or representative. The employee has 10 days to review and appeal to department head if not satisfied with the resolution.


Grievance to department head

The department head or designee has 10 calendar days to review and reply in writing to the grievance. A meeting between the department has and employee/representation is mandatory


Waiver of appeal steps

If the grievance is not resolved by immediate supervisor, the department head and employee may mutually agree to skip middle management.


Binding arbitration of grievances

If grievance is not resolved by department head, the union has 30 calendar days to request a hearing by an arbitrator. Except grievance by letter of warning


Informal review by labor relations office

Prior to arbitrator hearing, the labor relations office has 10 work days to review the grievance and may adjust to the satisfaction of the employee


Selection of an arbitrator

The labor relations office and employee/representative will mutually agree on an arbitrator. If they cannot agree, they will make a request to the State mediation and conciliation service to send a list of 5 names of qualified arbitrators. They will then start crossing off names from the list one at a time until one is left. That person will be used as the arbitrator.


Duty of the arbitrator

It is the arbitrators duty to hear and review evidence and hearings from both sides and thereafter make written findings of the facts and disposition of the grievance. Decision will be based entirely on interpretation of provisions and Memorandum of agreement


Payment or costs

Shall be split in have by county and employee


Effect of failure of timely action

If employee fails to file an appeal within designated time at any level, it will be considered an abandonment of the grievance.


Interdepartmental/ group grievance

When multiple employees from different departments file a grievance, it shall be reviewed by the labor relations office who will decide if it can be handled at a lower level.