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How were nobility a problem for Henry?

-Henry was a usurper and there was nothing preventing a powerful noble from attempting to overthrow him.
-Previously, the nobility had been able to exploit a weak King.
-They owned large amounts of land.
-He needed their advice to govern.
-'Super Nobles' existed, but Wars of the Roses killed off many so he didn't have much nobility to deal with.


'Stick' methods used.

-Acts of Attainder
-Bonds and recocnisances
-Proclamations banning retainers.
-Feudal rights.


'Carrot' methods used.

-The Order of the Garter
-Membership to King's Council.


What was the Order of the Garter?

-Great honour for those who had given excellent service.
-Gave prestige but not power or land.
-Highest order of Chivalry


What was Patronage?

-As a result of loyal service.
-Given to men loyal both before and at Bosworth.
-Not just given to nobility.
-Limited amount given out, so became highly valued.


King's council/Great council significance?

-King's council = sign of trust.
-Summons to the Great council = ensured noble support for measures.


What were Acts of Attainder?

-Families lost their right to possess land.
-9 against nobles, reversed 5.
-Good behaviour resulted in their reversal so ensured loyalty as those attained sought to reverse social and economic decline.


What were bonds and recognisances?

-Written agreements whereby nobles who offended the King either paid for their offence or paid money as security for future good behaviour.
-sometimes reached £10,000.
-Between 1485 and 1509, 36/62 noble families were involved in such agreements.


How were retainers a threat to Henry?

-Nobility recruited local fighting forces, which were a threat to the King as he didn't possess his own standing army.
-1485: Lords and Commons swear not to retain illegally.
-1504: Proclamations ensuring nobles needed a licence to retain and heavy fines if this was not followed.


What are Feudal Rights?

-Marriage: King profited from arranged marriage of heirs to certain lands.
-Wardship: Estates of minors placed under royal control, income exploited for the crown.
-Relief: Payment to King when land inherited
-Livery: Payment to king to recover from wardship


What was the 1486 Act of Resumption?

Recovered land granted away since before the war of the Roses.