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How had HVII gained the throne?

-Through battle, killing Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in August 1485.
-People disliked the rule of Richard but didn't actively support Henry


What was his claim to the throne?

-Weak - through his mother Margaret Beaufort.
-Father's mother was a French princess married to Henry V before Owen Tudor.
-He was the male Lancastrian claimant to the throne


Why did he change the date of the start of his reign?

- Dated it to the day before Bosworth so that anyone who fought against him were traitors and could have their estates seized, which would add to his wealth.


What role did Parliament play?

-Arranged his coronation for 30th October, before parliament met, so that it could not be claimed he was King only because of Parliament.


How did marriage to Elizabeth of York help his claim?

-Asked for papal dispensation.
-united the houses of York and Lancaster.
-Took place in January 1486, after he had been crowned, so that it could not be claimed he owed the crown to his wife.


How did he initially deal with Yorkist claimants?

-Edward (earl of Warwick) sent to the tower.
-John de la Pole (earl of Lincoln) professed loyalty and joined King's council.
-Earl of Surrey kept in prison until 1489.
-Duke of Northumberland released at the end of 1485 and restored to old position.


What role did his exile play?

-Weakened his position.
-Unknown in England, having spent 14 years in exile in France after the Lancastrian defeat at Tewkesbury in 1471.
- Can be argued that country would support a King who could offer peace and stability.
-Replacing not only an unpopular king, but also a King that was dead - not dependent on any nobility.