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dan shen

salviae miltlorrhizae radix


ji xue teng

spatholobi caulis


yan hu suo

corydalis rhizoma


yu jin

curcumae radix


yi mu cao

leonuri herba


ze lan

lycopi herba


tao ren

persicae semen


hong hua

carthami flos


e zhu

curcumae rhizoma


san leng

sparganii rhizoma


ru xiang

olibanum (frankincense)


mo yao



huai niu xi

achyranthis bidentatae radix


chuan niu xi

cyathulae radix


wu ling zhi

trogopterori faeces


wang bu liu xing

vaccariae semen


chuan shan jia

manitis squama


which herbs' doses do we have to be keenly aware of?

yan hu suo
hong hua
ru xiang
chuan niu xi


what are some dui yao pairs that were discussed in class?

tao ren (DISPELS STASIS, invigorates blood)
hong hua (dispels stasis, INVIGORATES BLOOD)

e zhu (strongly MOVES BLOOD and BREAKS QI)
san leng (strongly BREAKS BLOOD and MOVES QI)

huai niu xi (strengthens sinews and bones)
chuan niu xi (invigorates blood)

pu huang (STOPS BLEEDING, dispels stasis)
wu ling zhi (stops bleeding, DISPELS STASIS)


what modern biomedical indication of dan shen was mentioned in class?

is it a very strong blood invigorating herb?

lowering cholesterol

more moderate, since it's appropriate for elderly and deficient patients


what is ji xue teng’s prominent function?

is it more known as a blood tonic?

invigorating channels and relaxing sinews

not a huge blood tonifier


what is yan hu suo’s claim to fame?

what precautions should we take when prescribing this herb? dose? duration?

one of the strongest "pain due to blood stasis" herbs

don’t use in absence of blood stasis (very moving, so can damage constitution and cause fainting or uterine bleeding)

3-9 grams, for short duration


yu jin can be used for qi stagnation and blood stasis, but what other function makes it popular choice when treating patients with mania?

it clears heat and cools blood, and clears HT and opens orifices, resolve constraint


which herbs can regulate menses?

is it the same as inducing menses?

ji xue teng, yi mu cao

no; unblocking is inducing, and regulating is restoring menstrual flow to normal cycle


can we liberally dose yi mu cao?

what clinical presentation can we use yi mu cao outside of blood stasis pathologies?

up to 30 grams

can use to promote urination (for acute systemic edema)
can use to clear heat and resolve toxicity (toxic sores)


why should we use discretion when using ze lan to promote urination to treat edema?

what are some alternatives that we have discussed?

must ensure the patient is not pregnant, as it may cause menses

yi mu cao


why should we not use tao ren for acute yang ming heat induced constipation?

what is its mechanism in moistening intestine?

yang ming constipation must be purged out in order to release heat

moistening intestine may be very slow


at what dose can hong hua break blood?

dose for invigorating blood?

break blood: 12-15g
invigorate blood: 6-12g
invigorate channels: 3-4.5g
engender blood: 1-2g


what precautions should be exercised when prescribing e zhu and san leng combo?

what is a relatively famous indication for this combo? should this combo be used as first line herbs for food stagnation?

which breaks blood, qi, and how do they complement each other?

precautions: pregnancy or too much bleeding can damage constitution,

cancerous tumors - trauma

not first line for food stagnation

e zhu moves blood and breaks qi
san leng breaks blood and moves qi


ru xiang and mo yao are commonly used externally for what indication?

what role can they play when dealing with wind-damp bi syndrome?

why is it true that they are often used in die da formulas, is it because of its uncanny pain stopping property? if so, what precaution should be taken when prescribing?

trauma, to strongly invigorate channels and stop pain

for uncanny pain stopping property

weak stomach, absence of stasis, pregnancy, don’t use for long term


wu ling zhi and what other herb are dui yao?

what is the formula name of that famous combo? how do they complement each other?

wu ling zhi - dispels stasis
pu huang - stops bleeding

"sudden smile powder" for uterine bleeding


wang bu liu xing is commonly used to treat what in nursing mothers?

can it be used to treat lower jiao blood stasis pathologies?

promotes lactation and reduces swelling

unblock menses


chuan shan jia has what legal status?

what role does it play in tumor treatment?

oIt's endangered

oanimal product is a lot greater than other products, can really dispel stasis,

abdominal clumps

it's endangered

animal product is a lot greater than other products, can really dispel stasis,

abdominal clumps