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What were the results of his F1 and F2 generations? What are the

In the F1 generation all the plants were tall 100%. In the F2 generation about three fourths were tall and one fourth was short. 75% were tall and 25% percent were short


What do the alleles Tt, TT, tt represent?

Tt represents a hybrid. That means it has one tall trait (dominant) and one recessive trait (short). TT is a dominant purebred. This means it is tall (dominant). tt is a recessive purebred because it is short (recessive)


What are organisms traits controlled by?

An organisms traits are controlled by the alleles it inherits from its parents. and it is controlled by our genes


What is a Punnett square? What does it represent?

A Punnett square is a chart that shows all the possible ways alleles can combine in a genetic cross. It represents the possible ways alleles can combine in a genetic cross.


In a genetic cross, the combination of ___________that parents can pass to an offspring is based on___________



Name each in as many ways as you can: TT tt Tt

TT Dominant Purebred homozygous allele genotype
tt Recessive Purebred homozygous allele genotype
Tt Dominant Hybrid heterozygous allele genotype


Most traits are a result of

complex patterns of inheritence


What can influence the way genes are expressed?

environmental factors can influence the way genes are expressed
Examples- tobacco smoke, pollutants can affect gene in a person's cells in a way that may result in lung cancer and other cancers.


What is co-dominance? Give an example

this occurs when both alleles for a gene are expressed equally. For example when a black bunny and a white bunny have offspring the offspring could have white fur with black spots examples- feathers fur


What is polygenic inheritance? Give an example.

this occurs when more than one gene affects a trait. example- height, skin color, shades of eye color


What is multiple alleles? Give an example.

This is when three or more possible alleles determine the trait example- color of fur in rabbits, wing color


Two animals are crossed, one has brown fur and one has white fur. The
offspring have brown and white fur. Explain how this inheritance pattern

This inheritance pattern occurs when both alleles are co-dominant


What are some examples of traits that have a very broad range of

hair color, eye color, hand span, height


You are very interested in playing a sport, but neither of your parents have ever played a sport?Can you play a sport even though your parents don’t? Is it possible for
you to excel in the sport?

Yes, because it is an aquired trait


Give an example of a dominant allele and a recessive allele

T t


give an example of a purebred genotype

TT tt


give an example of a hybrid genotype



If a _______allele is present, the trait will appear in the offspring



15.) In Mendel's F 2 Generation, what portion had a trait not seen in the F 1 Generation?

1/4, 1 in 4, 25%


14.) You have a genetic cross between 2 hybrid plants with green pods(dominant).What is the probability of producing plants with green pods? Write it in three ways.

3 in 4, 3/4, 75%


An organism's traits are controlled by the ___________ it inherits from its parents. Some are ____________ and some are _________.

alleles, dominant, recessive


What did he call the generation after f1. Describe this generation. Use fractions and percents

F2 generation. 3 tall and 1 short
3/4 1/4
3 in 4 1 in 4
75% 25%


What did he call the offspring of the P generation Describe this generation. Use fractions and percents.

F1 generation All of the plants were tall
4/4 4 in 4 100%


What did he name the Parental generation?

Describe this generation.

P generation, They were purebred short and purebred tall plants


What needs to happen for a recessive form of a trait

to appear?

In order for a recessive form of a trait to appear, the

offspring must have two recessive alleles.