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Why does your body need moveable and immovable joints?

because it allows your body to move in different ways, moveable- they allow the body to make many different movements, immoveable- connect bones,


What are the four specific types of joint? What part does your joints
play? Be able to identify each joint from an illustration.

hinge joint- allows forward or backward motion,,,,, gliding joint- allows one bone to slide over another,,,,,,,, Ball-and-socket joint- allows the greatest range of motion,,,,,,,,,, pivot joint- allows one bone to rotate around another bone


How do we know a bone is alive?

because a bones grow, develop, repair themselves, are strong lightweight


How are materials transported throughout the body? What is this system
called that transports these materials? What is transported, and how are
they transported?

how--- materials r transported through blood flow,,, what system-----circulatory system,,,,, what transported------carbon dioxide, cell wastes, oxogen, food, water,,,,,,, how----- they flow through blood vessels which run throughout the body


How do skeletal muscles work? Describe how they work in pairs.

work------- pairs-------- muscle cells can only contract not lengthen,,,,, they work by contracting, by becoming shorter and thicker,,, one muscle in the pair contracts and the other muscle relaxes to its original length


What are the levels of organization in the human body?

cells, tissues, organs, organ systems


cardiac muscle stuff

-only in heart
-does not tire
-can contract repeatedly
-are striated


skeletal muscle stuff

-provide force that moves bones
-react quickly
-tires quickly


smooth muscle stuff

-not striated
-reacts slowly
-tires slowly
-control certain movements


What are the 5 functions of the skeletal system?

It provides shape and support, enables you to move, protects your organs, produces blood cells, stores minerals