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What is hexadecimal shorthand for?

Hexadecimal is a shorthand notation for the binary number system and is easier to read for humans.
These numbers are base 16 and use the digits 0 -9 and letters A - F.


How many binary bits does the hexadecimal system use?

The hexadecimal system uses 4 binary bits for each hexadecimal character.


What word length do microcomputers typically have?

Some microcomputers have a word length of eight bits. These words can be split into two groups of four bits (nibbles), e.g. 0011, 1101. Each of these four bit groups can be arranged in 16 different combinations.


What is another word for hexadecimal?

Base 16.


What is hexadecimal?

Hexadecimal or base 16 numbers, can be used as shorthand to stand for these binary codes because the hexadecimal system uses 16 different digits. The hex system uses the letters A, B, C, D, E and F to stand for the decimal numbers 10, 11, 2, 13, 14, and 15.

Binary codes can easily be converted into hex (by first making groups of four bits) and hexadecimal numbers can easily be changed into binary.


What is hexadecimal widely used with?

Hexadecimal codes are widely used with microcomputers as shorthand for eight bit and 16 bit binary codes.


Sign and magnitude

A positive number +9 as +1001.
On a piece of paper we can write down -9 as -1001.


How can we represent this in a computer system?

A computer has no way of strong a + sign or a - sign.


What is the binary digit used to store?

A binary digit must be used to store the sign and will tell the computer if the number is positive or negative. This is called a sign bit. A sign bit of 0 indicates a positive number. 1 shows a negative number.


Describe with an example how negative numbers are represented using sign and magnitude

The most significant bit represents sign *******(not finished)

Advantage - simple to use/ quick and easy to process


Describe with an example the main disadvantage of using sign and magnitude conversion method to represent negative numbers

Zero can be represented by two different numbers. Example: 00000000 / 10000000


Describe with an example how negative numbers are represented in binary using the sign and magnitude representation

Example: 1000 0110 = -6


Describe with an example how two's complement is used to represent negative numbers

Copy the first 8 bit line of binary you have up and inclusive to the first 1. Then invert all following bits.