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What are high voltage pulsed currents?

A direct current capable of penetrating the skin barrier and stimulating deep tissue with little or no net ionic flow


What is the difference between HVPC and galvanic current?

Has a short wave duration and pulse interval


What are the characteristics of HVPC?

- Twin peaks
- Monophasic
- Short pulse duration
- Pulse rate 1-200 Hz
- Voltage greater than 100 volts
- Can use either negative or positive polarity


What are some advantages of HVPC?

- Breaks down the skin barrier
- Allows deeper penetration to the target tissue higher current density
- Avoids skin vasodilation and skin irritation from increased temperature or potential chemical build up


What is the current density?

The measure of effectiveness of HVPC


How if the amount of current flow regulated?

The frequency of the current; the higher the frequency the greater the current density


What are the different types of pulse patterns?

- Continuous
- Reciprocate
- Surge


What is a continuous pulse pattern?

Repetitive sequence for the duration of treatment


What is a reciprocate pulse pattern?

The active electrodes alternate on and off (1:1 ratio) and the dispersive electrode is the third pas in the circuit


What is a surge pulse pattern?

The amplitude of the subsequent pulses increases gradually until the desired amplitude is attained


What are the different types of electrodes?

- Active
- Dispersive


What is a monopolar electrode placement?

Treatment for wound healing; large area requires minimum 2 electrodes of unequal size one becomes active


What is a bipolar electrode placement?

For muscle contraction of chronic pain requires electrodes of the same size in proximity to treatment area


What are the effects of negative polarity?

- Increases vascularity of tissue
- Stimulate fibroblastic growth and collagen production
- Germicidal
- Prevents infection
- Dissolves blood clots


What are some electrode placements for pain modulation?

- Over painful site
- Over nerve trunk
- Paraspinally


What are some indications for HVPC?

- Promote injury recovery
- Re-educate muscle
- Modulate pain
- Edema management