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When did Hitler Become Chancellor?



When was the Reichstag Fire?



What was Believed to Have Happened on the Night of the 27/02/1933?

- Before election
- Young communist, Van Der Lubbe (Dutch), was blamed


What were the Effects of the Reichstag Fire?

- Nazi used it to prove that the communists were radical + planning a revolution
- Justified Nazi's use of violence against the left wing
- Gave Communists a bad reputation
- Nazis persuaded Hindenburg to pass the Emergency Act
- Strengthened Nazi Party


When was the Emergency Act Passed?



What was the Emergency Act?

- 'Act to defend the people + the republic'
- Act Prevented political + civil liberties for the people


What were the Effects of the Emergency Act?

- Central government power was strengthened over local authorities
- Step towards Dictatorship
- Freedom of press ended
- Protection form communist crime
- Imprisonment without cause was allowed
- Oppoaition Weakened


What was Germany like Before the March 5th Election?

- SA + SS members placed n the police force
- Socialist + communist meetings broken up
- 69 people died in a 5 day campaign


What was the Results of the Election?

- Nazi increased their vote from 33.1% to 43.9% (288 seats)
- Did not win a clear majority (needed 66%) - needed 52 seats from the Nationalists (under Hindenburg) to win majority


When was the Enabling Law Passed?



What was the Enabling Law?

- Gives all power to Chancellor + his government for 4 years
- Dispose of parliament's work


Explain the Process of Passing the Enabling Act?

- Needed 2/3 majority
- Communists banned
- Hitler promised to respect the Catholic church (concordat) - win their votes
- Only social democrats voted against Hitler
- Passed with 444 votes in favor (94 against) - legal revolution (from democracy to dictator)


What was the Effect of the Enabling Act?

- Didn't have to depend upon the Reichstag
- Succeeded to get rid of the Weimar Constitution
- Path open for Hitler to gain dictatorship
- Shirer = "formed basis for Hitler's dictatorship"


Why was 23/03/1933 Significant for Hitler?

- Potsdam Day (reopening of Reichstag)
- Hitler wanted to make a good impression on Hindenburg/Conservatives/Protestants


What is Gleishschaltung?

- To coordinate the people/Nazify the nation


What Sections of Society did Hitler Wish to Nazify with Gleishschaltung?

- Local State Government
- Trade Union
- Political Parties


What was the Problem with Local Sate Government?

- Threatened central government
- Every state has some power
- Too much independence


What Had Frick Planned to do about the Local State Government?

- Central government can make laws without discussion with landtage governments
- Landtage governments would be subordinate
- Frick put Reich governors into landtage governments


What were the Purpose of Frick's Local State Government Laws?

- Attempting to centralise power
- Attempting to control local governments
- Control more of German life


How were the Federal Republicans a Threat to the Nazi Party?

- Not totalitarianism
- Decentralises power
- Held independence
- Represented other political parties
- Contradicted Nazi ideology


Why did Hitler Want to Get Rid of the Trade Unions?

- Against Nazi ideology
- Very strong power (big)


What were the Implications of the Trade Union Act?

- Trade Union power Weakened
- Political influence of trade union reduced
- Lost Right to discuss wages + conditions of the work place
- Established DAF


What were the Effects of the German Labour Front?

- Influence of workers was reduced
- Freedom of individuals reduced
- Trade unions were banned
- Workers obedience secured
- 1935 - 20000 members


When was the Trade Union Act Passed?



How were the Trade Unions a Threat to the Nazi Party?

- Opposed Nazi ideology
- Nazis were in collation with the right wing - opposed their left wing ideology
- Huge influence over the working class
- Everything they represented was left wing
- Revolt against right wing ended - Kapp Putsh


Why was Getting Rid of the Other Political Parties Relativity Easy?

- Enabling Act
- Social Democrats banned
- Communists Banned
- Other political parties started to dissolve themselves


How were the Other Political Parties Able to Threaten the Nazis?

- Stood for different ideology
- Symbolised democracy
- Threatened dictatorship
- Persuaded people against Hitler - opposed Nazis


By Spring 1934 Hitler's Dictatorship was Evident. Why?

- Communists banned/disposed of
- Democracy had ended in Germany
- 3rd Reich had begun
- National Socialist Party was the only party