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How did the Nazis gain control of people in Germany?

Censorship & Propaganda


Who were the SS and how did they gain control over the German people?

The SS were Hitler's personal army. They were responsible for destroying anyone who was against Hitler and the Nazis. They were in charge of the concentration camps and the final solution.


How did the Gestapo control the German people?

The Gestapo controlled the Germany people into supporting Hitler and the Nazis through the use of terror. They were able to arrest any citizen if they had suspicion over them. They could also send them to concentration camps without explanation. This meant that the people would follow Hitler as they were afraid of being harmed by the Gestapo.


If the German people did not support the Nazis where would they go and why would this make them show support towards Hitler?

Germans who did not support Hitler would go to the concentration camps set up by the SS. Here they woulf face:
Hard Labour
Limited Food
Harsh Discipline
Anyone could be put into a concentration camp, they were so afraid that if they did not follow Hitler they would end up in them and eventually die.


What is censorship?

Censorship is when someone blocks up and covers things they don't want you to know. Censorship is teaching only one side of a story, usually the better side to control and persuade people.


How did Hitler gain control of the youth?

Hitler Youth organisation
Control of Education
Censorship and Propaganda
The SS and Gestapo to create fear to stop young people opposing the Nazis.


What was the Hitler Youth and how did it help to gain control?

Boys were educated on how to be fit and healthy ready to be the soldiers of the future for Germany.
Girls belonged to the League of German Maidens and learnt how to cook, sew and be good mothers and wives.


How did education control Germany?

Children grew up being taught in school under strict censorship rules by the Nazis. Education policy saw children taught the traditional role of men and women in society and so lessons followed these ideas. Children were taught about the troubles Germany faced and the blame was placed on Jews and Communists and other groups the Nazis wanted children to see as outsiders and against a greater Germany.


How did Propaganda control the German people?

The Nazis used propaganda to show Nazi beliefs to the German people. Posters, speeches, movies all co-ordinated by Josef Goebbels showed the German public how great the Nazis were and the gained the trust and support of the people.


To increase the Nazi majority after Hitler became Chancellor an election was called for March 1933, but what event happened just before?

Reichstag Fire


Who was blamed for the Reichstag Fire?



What were the consequences of the Reichstag Fire?

Communists were blamed, 4000 were arrested and the party was banned from the Reichstag.


What was the election result for the Nazis in March 1933?

288 seats
This was not the 50% the Nazis needed for full power, but banning the Communist Party and working in coalition with the Centre Party gave Hitler the majority of the Reichstag.


What was the Enabling Act?

If Hitler could get a 2/3 majority support of the Reichstag, he could pass the Enabling Act which would enable Hitler to pass laws without going through the Reichstag. Thus turning Germany into a dictatorship.


How did Hitler get support for the Enabling Act?

With a majority share of the Reichstag and Stormtroopers outside other members were persuaded to support the Enabling Act.


What rival did Hitler have in the Nazi Party by 1934?

Ernst Rohm leader of the SA.


When was the Night of the Long Knives?



What was the Night of the Long Knives and how did it help Hitler?

Hitler accused the SA of plotting against him, 400 SA members were killed as was Ernst Rohm. Hitler used the Germany army to help with the removal of the SA. This event helped Hitler to remove an internal threat to his power.


Why did the army help in the Night of the Long Knives?

Hitler promised to remove Rohm and re arm Germany.


What happened as a consequence of the Night of the Long Knives?

The SA was disbanded, the SS gained more power, the army swore an oath of allegiance to Hitler. This removed many threats to Hitler.


When did Hindenburg die?

1934 after the Night of the Long Knives


What did Hitler do upon Hindeburg's death?

Combine the role of President and Chancellor to become Fuhrer.


How did Hitler get his message out to the German public?

Newspapers were censored, only good stories about the Nazis could be published.
Cheap radios were produced for everyone but they could only tune into the government controlled station.
Pro Nazi rallies took place to spread the messages.
Sporting events promoted Nazi ideology like the Olympics in 1936.


Who was targetted in negative propaganda by the Nazis?

Critics of Hitler
People who supported the Treaty of Versailles


When were all political parties except the Nazis banned?