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What were the names of the 4 uprisings in Weimar?

Kapp Putsch, Red Rising, Spartacists & Munich Putsch


What is the stab in the back myth?

The German people felt that the new Weimar government had been wrong to accept the armistice and end WW1 in November 1918. It is also known as Dolchstoss.


What was the Spartacist rebellion?

Jan 1919 - Communists in Germany led by Karl Liebknect and Rosa Luxemburg, seized control of Berlin. The Weimar Government stopped the rebellion by using the Freikorps.


What was the Munich Putsch?

Nazi revolution in Munich led by Hitler in November 1923.


What was the Red Rising?

1920 - Communist uprising in the Ruhr region of Germany, stopped by Weimar government using the Freikorps.


What was the Kapp Putsch?

1920- Wolfgang Kapp seized control of Berlin for a right wing rebellion. The Weimar government were unable to respond. However the rebellion failed due to lack of communication and support.


What was hyperinflation?

When the government prints too much money, causing the value to drop. (Think a glass of squash with too much water).


When did hyperinflation occur in Germany?

1923- after Germany did not pay reparations in 1922 or 1923.


What happened once Germany stopped paying reparations?

Jan 1923- French invaded the Ruhr region to claim resources to the value of outstanding reparations. Germany workers responded with passive resistance.


Who was in charge of Weimar after WW1?

Ebert- leader of the Social Democrats who became President once Germany turned democratic.


Who fled Germany at the end of WW1 and where did he go?

Kaiser Wilhelm fled to the Netherlands.


What did Stresemann do to solve hyperinflation in 1923?

Introduced a new currency in November - known as the Rentenmark.


What problems did Ebert have after 1918?

He was seen by many as the person who stabbed Germany in the back (Dolchstoss), this led to a lack of support from the German people.


The Weimar Constitution gave voting rights to who?

Men and Women over the age of 20 were given the right to vote.


The Weimar Constitution- what was Article 48?

Article 48 gave the President the power to change laws without the Reichstag in an emergency.


What did people blame the new Weimar government for in the beginning?

The armistice being signed in November 1918.
The punishment of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.
The loss of land.
The reparations payments that had to be made to the Allies.
The huge reduction in Germany's armed forces.
Germany's inability to rebuild itself after WW1.


Weimar was created as a result of what?

It was created as a result of the Kaiser fleeing Germany to Holland and the fact that the Allies wanted Germany to become a democracy in order for the Armistice to be signed.


The Weimar Constitution - what is proportional representation and why was it a weakness for Weimar?

Proportional Representation allowed all votes to be totalled across Germany and seats allocated based on the % of the votes gained. In Weimar this enabled smaller political parties to gain seats if they gained enough votes across the country. This could weaken Germany as it would result in a Reichstag with a variety of people from different political backgrounds, making decision making slow.


Treaty of Versailles - what happened to Germany's military?

Reduced to
100,000 men
6 battleships
No aeroplanes
No submarines
No conscription


Treaty of Versailles - what was the value of reparations set at for Germany in 1919?

£6,600 million or £6.6 billion


Treaty of Versailles - What was article 231?

Article 231 was that Germany was to accept all the blame for WW1 and therefore the cost of rebuilding Europe.


Treaty of Versailles - What countries were formed in Europe post WW1?



Treaty of Versailles - What was the land that was demilitarised to provide protection to France?



Treaty of Versailles - Woodrow Wilson had 14 points to his plan for peace in 1918, what was self determination?

Self determination was the idea that people should not be controlled as part of an empire and instead should control their own country. Self determination was achieved in 1919 for Czechoslovakia and the Sudetenland but not fo the Germany nationals living there.


Treaty of Versailles- What was the League of Nations?

The Leage of Nations was an idea of Woodrow Wilson's for an international organisation to promote peace, disarmament, improve living conditions and encourage trade and co-operation.


Treaty of Versailles- What land lost by Germany was put under the control of the League of Nations?

The port of Danzig
Saar coalfields
All German colonies


Treaty of Versailles - What would happen to the Saar coalfields after 15 years?

After 15 years unde the League of Nations control, a plebiscite (vote) would take place to decide where the land should belong.


Why did Germany and eventually Hitler and the Nazis not like the land lost under the Treaty of Versailles?

German people were now living under foreign rulers.


Treaty of Versailles- What was Anschluss?

The ban of a partnership between Germany and Austria


How did hyperinflation link to the invasion of the Ruhr?

The German people printed more money to pay the reparations and to pay the striking workers.