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Murder Elements 

  1. Unlawful Killing 
  2. of a human being 
  3. with malice aforethought 


Malice Elements 

  1. Intent to kill, 
  2. intent to inflict serious bodily injury, 
  3. reckless indifference to unjustifiably high risk to human life (depraved heart), 
  4. Intent to commit certain felonies (felony murder)


Malice - Intent to Kill 

▵ acts w/ purp. to kill or knowledge conduct will kill 


Depraved Heart Murder 

  1. A killing that results 
  2. from Reckless Indifference 
  3. to unjustifiably high risk to human life  


Felony Murder Rule 

  1. Unintentional 
  2. Foreseeable Killing 
  3. Prox. Caused by/during commission or 
  4. attempted commission 
  5. of inherently dangerous felony (BARRK) 


First Degree Murder 

  1. Created by Statute 
  2. Premeditation of specific intent to kill  or 
  3. Felony Murder 


Premeditation of specific intent to kill

  1. Thought about the killing, and 
  2. Pd. of time elapsed between the thought & the the kill 


Second Degree Murder 

  1. Any killing with Malice (Common Law Murder) or 
  2. Default category if not 1st degree murder 


Voluntary Manslaughter 

  1. Intentional Killing Mitigated by 
  2. Adequate Provocation (Heat of Passion)
  3. Diminished capacity, or 
  4. Imperfect Self Defense 


Adequate Provocation (Heat of Passion) 

  1. ▵ must be adequately provoked 
  2. Provocation would lead ord., reas. pers. to lose self control 
  3. Reas. Pers. wouldn’t have cooled off by the time of the killing 


Imperfect Self Defense 

  1. Honest 
  2. Unreasonable 
  3. Use of Deadly Force 


Involuntary Manslaughter 

  1. Unintentional Killing 
  2. committed with criminal negligence, or 
  3. during unlawful act 



Involuntary Manslaughter - Committed w/ Criminal Negligence 

  1. Grossly Negligent action, 
  2. putting another at significant risk 
  3. of serious injury/death 


Involuntary Manslaughter - During Unlawful Act 

  1. killing committed in commission of a malum in se (wrong in itself) misdemeanor 
  2. Killing committed in commission of felony thats not 1st or 2nd degree murder