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What was the Hawley-Smoot Tariff of 1930 introduced by Hoover?

40% tax on goods imported from abroad to encourage people to buy American goods


What did the Emergency Relief Act of 1932 introduced by Hoover do?

Gave $300 million to help unemployed people


What was the name given to the government loans of $1,500 million to businesses to help business recover, introduced by Hoover in 1932?

Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)


How much money did Hoover offer for major building projects (to provide employment)?

$4,000 million


What was the Bonus Army?

July 1932 -WW1 veterans who had been promised a bonus travelled to Washington to demand their bonus early. The Senate refused, Hoover offered to pay $100,000 towards transport home. Some refused and camped there. Army, tanks and tear gas were used to move them on. 2 babies died and many were injured from effects of gas.


Why was Hoover unpopular?

- Associated with Wall St. Crash and Depression (Hoovervilles)
- Felt to interested in business (not in touch with ordinary people's needs)
- Believed in rugged individualism and laissez-faire (people felt more action needed)
- Bad publicity from Bonus Army
- Many felt public work schemes etc were too little


What percentage of the vote did Roosevelt get in the November 1932 election?

57% (won 42 out of 48 states and majority of seats in Congress)


What techniques did Roosevelt use to make sure as many Americans would see or hear him as possible in the election campaign?

- Used the radio to publicise himself.
- Across USA tours to speak to crowds (travelled over 20,800 km on campaign trial, made 16 major speeches and 60 from the back of his train)


Why did Roosevelt appeal to Americans in 1932?

- Full of enthusiasm and charisma
- Reputation for listening to people
- Already helped improve the economy in New York State (proven record)
- Made clear to the people the government under him to act to end the crisis
- promised a New Deal


When did Roosevelt officially start his presidency?

March 1933