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Responsibility matrix

Lists the tasks that need to be completed and the people who are either responsible or supporting those tasks.


Resource levelling

Resource levelling aims to minimize the period-by-period variations in resource loading by shifting tasks within their slack allowances.


Managing vs. leading

Managers have employees, leaders win followers
Managers react to change, leaders create change
Managers communicate, leaders persuade
Leaders influence people and relationships without them knowing they are being influenced.


Name all the currencies

Task related currencies
- resources
- assistance
- cooperation
- information
Position related currencies
- advancement
- recognition
- visibility
- network/contacts
Inspiration-related currencies
- vision
- excellence
- ethical correctness
Relationship-related currencies
- acceptance
- personal support
- understanding
Personal related currencies
- challenge/learning
- ownership/involvement
- gratitude


Team development model

1. Forming
2. Storming
3. Norming
4. Performing
5. Adjourning