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What is human resources planning?

Human resources planning is the process of forecasting future human resources requirements to ensure that the organization will have the required number of employees with the necessary skills to meet its strategic objectives.


What is environment scanning?

Environment scanning is an assessment of external factors influecning the organization's abiltity to find and secure talent from the external labour market including economic, comeptitive, legisilative, social, tehcnological and demographic trends.


What are skills inventories?

Skill inventories are manual or computerized records summarizing employees' education, experience, interests, skills, and so on, which are used to dentifity internal cnadiates eligible for transfer or promotion?


What are amnagement inventories?

Management inventories are records summairizing the qualifcations, interests, and skills of management employees, along with the number and types of emloyyees supervised, duties of such employees, total budget managed, previous managerial duties and responsibiltities, and managerial training received.


What are replacment charts?

Replacmeent charts are visual represenations of who will replace whom in the event of a job openining. Liekly internal candiates are listed, along with their age, present performance rating, and promotiablity status.


What replacement summaries?

Replacement summaries are lists of likely replacements for each position and their relative strengths and weaknesses, as well as information about current positions, performance, promotability, age, and experience.


What is succession planning?

Succession planning is the process of ensuring a suitable supply of successors for current and future seniors or keys jobs so that the careers of individuals can be effectively planned and management.


What is the Markov analysis?

The Markov analysis is a method of forecasting internal labour supply that involves tracking the pattern of employee movements through various jobs and developing a transitional probability matrix.


What is trend analysis?

Trend analysis is the study of a firm's past-employment levels over a period of years to predict future needs.


What is ratio analysis?

Ratio analysis is a forecasting technique for determining future staff needs by using ratios between some causal factor (such as sales volume) and the number of employees and needed.


What is a scatter plot?

A scatter plot Is a graphical method used to help identify the relationship between two variables.


What is regression analysis?

A regression analysis is a statistical technique involving the use of a mathematical formula to project future demands based on established relationship between an organization's employment level ( dependent variable) and some measure factor of output (independent variable).


What is nominal group technique?

A decision-making technique that involves a group of experts meeting face to face. Steps include independent ideas generation, clarification and open discussion, and private assessment.


What si the Delphi technique?

The Delphi technique is the judgement forecasting method used to arrive at a group decision, typically involving outside experts as well as organizational employees. Ideas are exchanged without face-to-face interaction and feedback is provided and used to fine-tune independent judgements until a consensus is reached.


What is staffing table?

The staffing table is a pictorial representation of all jobs within the organization, along with the number of current incumbents and future employment requirements (monthly or yearly) for each.


What is a hiring freeze?

A hiring freeze is a common initial response to an employee surplus: openings are filled by a reassigning current employees and no outsiders are hired.


What is attrition?

Attrition is the normal separation of employees from an organization because of resignation, retirement, or death.


What is a early retirement buyout programs?

Early retirement buyout programs are strategies used to accelerate attrition that involve offering attractive buyout packages or the opportunity to retire on full pension with an attractive benefits package.


What is job sharing?

Job sharing is a strategy that involves dividing the duties of single position between two or more employees?


What is work sharing?

Work sharing is where employees work three or four days a week and receive EI benefits on their non-workdays(s).


What is reduced workweek?

A reduced workweek is where employees are working fewer hours and receive less pay.


What is a layoff?

A layoff is a temporary or permanent withdrawal of employment to workers for economic or business reasons.


What is termination?

Termination is the permanent separation from the organization for any reason.


What is leave of absence?

A leave of absence allows those who may interested in taking time away from work for a variety of reasons (e.g., personal, educational, etc.) to have a set period of time away from their position without pay, but with a guarantee that their job will be available upon their return.


What is survivor syndrome?

Survivor syndrome is a range of negative emotions experienced by employees remaining after a major restructuring initiative, which can include feelings of betrayal or violation, guilt, or detachment, and can result in stress symptoms, including depression, increased errors, and reduced performance.


What is supplemental unemployment benefits?

Supplemental unemployment are benefits (SUBs) A top-up of EI benefits to bring income levels closer to what an employee would receive if on the job.


What is a severance package?

A severance package is a lump-sum payment, continuation of benefits for a specified period of time, or other benefits that are provided to employees who are being terminated.


What is a transfer?

A transfer is a movement of an employee from one job to another that is relatively equal in pay, responsibility, or organizational level.


What is a promotion?

A promotion is a movement of an employee from one job to another that is higher in pay, responsibility, or organizational level, usually based on merit, seniority, or a combination of both.