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What is a Hypertensive Emergency

SBP 180+ and/or DBP 120+
Associated with acute end organ damage (Encephalopathy, brain infarct, hemorrhage, dissection, LV failure, MI, acute glomerulonephritis)


What is the goal of Hypertensive Urgency

GRADUAL reduction to safe level (<160/100)
Not too rapid or will cause MI or cerebral infarct
-Sublingual Nifedipine contraindicated


How can you reduce BP in hypertensive urgency

rest (10-20 mmHg drop)
If HTN pt: increase current med dose, add med (diuretic), adhere to Na restriction
If new HTN: need more aggressive treatment, several hours to reduce


How do you treat a hypertensive Emergency

ICU- hospitalization*
Reduce no more than 25% in the first hour
<160/110 in 2-6 hours
Back to normal in 24-48 hours